Stevens-Johnson Syndrome: Toddler almost dies from excruciating blisters on her face!

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Beautiful toddler almost dies: read this shocking story about a toddler diagnosed with Stevens-Johnson Syndrome after an allergic reaction to medicine.

Beautiful 2-year-old Macey Marsh

Beautiful 2-year-old Macey Marsh

When Matt and Sarah Marsh took their 2-year-old daughter Macey to her doctor for a rash and puffy eyes, they never thought their daughter would end up in the ICU.


The couple brought their child to the local GP in Surrey, United Kingdom, where she was prescribed Nurofen and Calpol to be taken alternately. The GP said she was simply “run down” and would be “fine” after taking the painkiller.

However, Sarah was worried — and when she checked on her daughter the following morning, she was horrified at what she found.

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