10 Backpack school essentials for your kids

Prep your kids to be ready for anything by stashing in everything they need in their trusty backpack!

Packing up your child’s backpack is fun and easy when you know what they need for each day. While the usual school stuff need to be there on a daily basis, make some room for the following, too:

Extra shirt

Not just for when they have an outdoor activity, an extra shirt comes in handy when they need a quick change after school or if their top gets dirty or drenched in sweat. Plus points if it’s got a cute design on it!


With the freaky weather nowadays, it’s best to be prepared for both the crazy heat and a sudden downpour. While a foldable umbrella would be a good alternative, a raincoat takes up less space inside your child’s backpack, and there are less chances of it being misplaced.


A tiny loose-leaf notepad will always come in handy, from jotting down reminders to passing notes in school. (Shush, we won’t tell!)

Pen and pencil

Keep an extra pen and pencil in a separate container in your child’s backpack, for those days when your child forgets his entire pencil case (it will happen!)

Plastic resealable bag

Not just for leftovers, plastic resealable bags come in handy for dirty or wet clothes or shoes, or for emergency storage. It’s leak-proof too, making it the ideal choice when you have to set aside dirty, soiled, or leaking items.

Face towel and wet wipes

A face towel soaks up the sweat in an instant, while wet wipes will cool your child down plus keeps him clean. Wet wipes also come in handy for disinfecting anything in a few swipes or for any food stains that might get into their uniform.

Hand sanitizer

A lot of sicknesses can be avoided by simply washing one’s hands, but what if there’s no bathroom in sight? A tiny bottle in a fun and fruity scent will keep the germs away, plus help your child get into the habit of having good hygiene.

Brush or comb  

Looking neat and tidy is a must in school, and all it takes is just a few quick brush strokes. Get one in a bright color so that it’s easy to find in their backpack.

Water container

Kids need to stay hydrated all day, but unfortunately not a lot of them do. Water is important if you want your child to stay alert and healthy. Just say no to getting dehydrated!

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