10 smoothie bowl recipes you and your kids will love

Having a hard time getting your kids to eat their veggies? These delicious smoothie bowls are so delicious it's hard to believe that they're healthy!

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Having trouble getting your kids to eat their fruits and vegetables? Look no further—a smoothie bowl is an easy and delicious way to get your kids eating healthy.

Plus, kids will find them fun to make too!

Kid-Friendly Breakfast Smoothie Bowls

For the whole recipe, visit Super Healthy Kids.

The basic ingredients of each bowl is almond or soy milk, yoghurt, and tons of fruit.

Chocolate Hazelnut Smoothie Bowl

For the whole recipe, go to With Food and Love.

It’s hard to believe this is healthy!

DIY Smoothie Bowl for Kids

This gorgeous bowl is from My Fussy Eater.

The great thing about smoothie bowls is that most of them have five or more fruits, plus grains and fiber!

Mint Chocolate Chip Smoothie Bowl

Go to Michelle Vodrazka  for the whole recipe.

This recipe includes three cups of spinach. THREE CUPS OF SPINACH! Where have you been all our lives, green bowls of smoothie?

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Honeydew Smoothie Bowl

For the whole recipe, visit The Almond Eater.

This creamy bowl is full of delectable honeydew goodness. Don’t mind if I dew!

Apple Pie Smoothie Bowl

Go to Fit Foodie Finds   for the whole recipe.

Do your kids like apple pie? Then they’re going to love this bowl, which you can also turn into a green smoothie in a bowl by just adding some kale or spinach.

Monster Smoothie Bowls

Go to Fork and Beans  for the whole recipe.

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How do you make smoothies even more fun for the kids? Make funny faces on them with fruit! Or, better yet, ask the kids to make their own!

Pitaya Breakfast Bowl

For the whole recipe, visit Golubka Kitchen.

This magenta smoothie is made from pitaya (dragonfruit), berries, and almond milk. Mmm!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie Bowl

Whole recipe at Simple Vegan Blog.

What a treat! This smoothie is made with the healthier carob powder, but you can use unsweetened cocoa powder as well.

Mango Smoothie Bowl

Head to Downshiftology  for the whole recipe.

Mangoes, pineapples, blueberries, coconut, and chia. So simple, yet incredibly delicious.

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