10 Life skills you should teach your kids by age 10

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Your young children are more capable and self-reliant than you know! Check out these life skills your child should develop by age 10!

The world we live in today is full of challenges and obstacles that your kids will eventually have to overcome. Even though civilization has begun to rely more and more on technology, there are still a number of practical life skills that no child should go without.

In a recent study conducted by the popular online security company AVG Technologies, researchers found that 58% of kids aged 3 to 5 are capable of operating a smartphone properly. However, they also found that only 15% of the same age group are capable of preparing a suitable breakfast for themselves. Obviously, making breakfast isn’t a skill they’ll immediately require, but if they can’t make a suitable meal in order to feed themselves, what other life skills are they lacking?

Growing Leaders, a nonprofit organization in Norcross, Georgia (USA), was founded on the basis of promoting leadership qualities in children. Tim Elmore, founder of Growing Leaders, says, “I see many parents doing everything for their kids instead of letting them figure out how to fend for themselves.” He and his organization have found that there are a number of valuable life skills children are capable of learning by age 10. These are 10 of the most important:

1. How to do laundry


Whether they learn how to hand-wash or load the machine, by age 10, your kid should feel comfortable handling laundry duty. Tons of high schoolers and college kids still have no idea how to do a simple load of laundry, or how to separate the colors from the whites! It’s a simple task that your kids should learn to deal with by age 10. They don’t have to be masters of laundry, or solely responsible but they should at least know how to get their clothes clean.


2. How to plant a seed/garden


Having a green thumb is a natural gift, so to say that every child will grow up being as skilled as a botanist would be a stretch. However, it’s a resourceful tool that can lead to a very healthy hobby for your kids. It’s also a way for them to get in tune with their earthy side; a chance to get outdoors; and a good way to teach kids about how plant work and life works.


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