10 Things moms dream of getting for Christmas…

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Is it too much to ask for some time alone in the bathroom or Nanny McPhee all wrapped up in a big ribbon? I've been a good girl all year...

You've got a couple of kids and you've been running around at a frantic pace all year managing a million kid- and non-kid-related things. Yes, you're a mom and you deserve an exceptionally special Christmas!

Dads and children take note: here's what mommy would really like for Christmas this year (some of them are totally doable!):

1. One whole day to herself to do whatever she pleases (get me that tub of ice cream while you're at it, please)

2. A day at the spa - a full day, okay?

3. Time alone in the bathroom. That means no little fingers wriggling under the door, no audience while peeing, and no cries for help from a helpless dad who can't figure out how to put a onesie on your baby...

4. Eight uninterrupted hours of sleep

5. A daily backrub and shoulder massage for a full month, before bedtime

6. A flat stomach (without having to work-out)

7. A mommy clone, for those days when things are just a bit crazy

8. A detachable breast, for those days baby is permanently glued to her boobs.

9. A super-maid. Have you heard of Nanny McPhee?

10. A time machine to go back to those sweet baby days

Merry Christmas, mommies! We hope you get at least a few items on this list for Christmas! What else do you really wish for? Tell us in a comment below. 

Republished with permission from: theAsianparent Singapore

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