10 ways to let your toddler’s language development blossom

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Your child’s language development unveils and improves exponentially during toddlerhood. Follow these tips to boost his speech communication skills.

From babbling babies to talkative toddlers, learning to talk is a big leap for our little ones – and it’s just as exciting for us parents, too! As parents, we need to understand what a typical speech development guide is like, so we can manage our own expectations as well as encourage the love of language in our children.

What is the difference between speech and language?

Speech refers to the sounds that make words through talking. Whereas language is our way of communication via the use of words. This comprises the use of words and gestures to put our message across to the other party, and understanding what is said to us.

Why is language development important at the toddler stage?

Did you know that babies have their first lessons while they are in the womb?

Remember how your little baby responds to a familiar voice or sound when he was still inside you? When they come into the world, the fastest learning occurs from ages two to five years old.

Speech therapist, Melanie Yates of Treetop Therapy shares some the below speech milestone guide to look out for in a toddler to assess his language development. 

language development

Toddlers’s language development blossoms during the first three year. How are you helping your child nurture his linguistic skills?

General speech milestone guide for toddlers

While there may be certain stages that are age-specific, understand that each child is different and develops at varying pace.

By age two:

  • a child might say about 50 words and start putting two words together (e.g. daddy shirt)
  • a child might be able to understand simple questions and follow simple instructions

By age three:

  • a child might say between 100 to 200 words and start putting three words together (e.g. mommy drink water)
  • verbalization becomes clearer and child is able to tell you what he wants or doesn’t want
language development

When your toddler starts speaking and hones her language development, it’s the start of a whole new fun of conversation with your toddler!

With a guide on-hand about our toddler’s speech development, how can we encourage language development too?