Are you cheating? 10 ways you are unknowingly being unfaithful

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Are you putting your relationship in jeopardy without knowing it? Find out how.

Relationships are wonderful and enriching, but nevertheless sometimes messy and confusing.

While there are certain things that are clear cut (which can be understood in black and white), more often than not, when it comes to relationships, we tread on a lot of gray areas. And not knowing the boundaries of these gray areas may put you, your partner, and your entire relationship in jeopardy.

For example, many have asked, "What constitutes cheating?" And we're not simply talking about having sex with someone else (the answer's quite obvious!), but rather being unfaithful emotionally. This adds a new dimension and makes cheating more difficult thing to define.

Hoping to shed some light, we’ve gathered 10 ways you may be cheating on your spouse and not know it.

1. Flirting
Some say flirting is harmless. It's playful banter that means nothing. However, flirting always conveys a certain attraction and intimacy. It is placing a different kind of attention on a particular person. And when it's directed towards someone else (other than your partner), you're putting yourself in a dangerous position.

2. Spending time alone with someone else
You may have friends of the opposite sex, and your history/ friendship goes way back. Before the marriage, the high school flings, and puppy love, they were already your friends.

So perhaps, yes, a little trust and faith can be requested from your partner. However, you yourself have to be careful. If you’re spending more time with that "friend," or you prefer the company of that person over your own partner, then you may be unknowingly being unfaithful to your spouse.

3. Confiding in someone else
If you need to vent out about your marriage, work problems, and life in general, it’s understandable to want to run to your friends. But a true relationship and commitment, such as marriage, is finding love, support, and strength in each other.

If you’re looking for emotional support in someone else, you may be cheating.

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