100 Inspiring Filipina Moms Who Are Making a Difference: Part 3

In this third batch of our 100 Inspiring Filipina Moms tribute, we celebrate the community founders who have made a huge impact in the lives of mothers and women

These remarkable women are not just mothers; they’re also pioneers, advocates, and pillars of strength in their communities. From empowering fellow moms to advocating for social change, each of them exemplifies the true essence of motherhood – nurturing, resilient, and compassionate.

Through their initiatives, they’ve created inclusive spaces, provided invaluable support, and made significant contributions to society. Their dedication to uplifting other women and their unwavering commitment to fostering positive change serve as inspirations to mothers and women everywhere in the Philippines. 

Following the first part and second part of our series on inspiring Filipina moms, we are thrilled to bring you the next installment. This time, we’re featuring celebrity moms who have not only excelled in their careers but also in their roles as mothers. These incredible women managed to balance their lives as a mothers and nurturing and helping their community. Let’s dive into the lives and stories of these phenomenal Filipina community founders’ moms.

Atty. Tina de Guzman and Maxine Mendoza, Founders of Pinay Girl Boss

100 inspiring filipino moms tina de guzman maxine mendoza

Atty. Tina de Guzman and Maxine Mendoza are the dynamic duo behind Pinay Girl Boss, an empowering platform dedicated to inspiring and nurturing Filipina leaders and entrepreneurs. Pinay Girl Boss offers courses, workshops, and masterclasses designed to help women at various stages of their careers, providing a supportive community for sharing struggles and triumphs. Tina, a mompreneur, lawyer, and mother of two, is passionate about community building and wellness, having founded several other initiatives like Fit Moms Project PH and The Oil Natural Project. Mommy Maxine, known for her career in the aviation industry, brings her love of travel and wellness to the table, co-founding Pinay Girl Boss and leading the Certified Oilers community. Together, Tina and Maxine started with a podcast in 2020 and have since expanded to events and collaborations, always driven by their vision of a future full of empowered Filipinas striving for and achieving success.

Dette Zulueta, Founder of Millennial Moms PH

100 inspiring filipino moms dette zulueta

Dette Zulueta, the founder of Millennial Moms PH and mom of two, is a passionate mom of two girls dedicated to helping fellow moms see the beauty in motherhood. Starting as a small group in 2015, Millennial Moms PH has grown into a vibrant community where moms can share, inspire, and connect. Dette’s vision was to create an inclusive space where moms could discuss any parenting style without restrictions, leading to a supportive network of over 100,000 mothers. Her efforts have fostered a nurturing environment where moms can grow and thrive together.

Michelle Aventajado, Executive Director of Best Buddies Philippines

100 inspiring filipino moms michelle aventajado

Michelle Ressa Aventajado, the executive director of Best Buddies Philippines, has dedicated over 30 years to working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Since attending the first training for Best Buddies Philippines in 2014, she has been a driving force in promoting social inclusion through friendship programs. Best Buddies Philippines is part of a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment, leadership development, and family support for people with IDD. The organization serves individuals with various disabilities, including Down syndrome, autism, and Fragile X, aiming to end their social, physical, and economic isolation. Michelle’s passion and commitment extend to her blog, Momma ‘N Manila, where she shares her parenting journey raising four kids and her advocacy for supporting individuals with IDD.

MK Bertulfo, Founder of FHMoms

100 inspiring filipino moms mk bertulfo

MK Bertulfo is the driving force behind Filipina Homebased Moms (FHMoms), an inspiring initiative that helps moms juggle motherhood and their careers. She’s built a supportive community where Filipino mothers can dive into e-learning and freelancing, making it easier for them to work from home. By offering resources and training, this dedicated mom helps fellow moms grow personally and professionally, aiming for a balanced and happy life. Her work has made a huge difference, giving many Filipino mothers new opportunities and hope.

Janice Villanueva, Founder of Mommy Mundo

100 inspiring filipino moms janice villanueva

Janice Villanueva, the founder of Mommy Mundo, started her parenting advocacy in 1996 when she couldn’t find the resources she needed as an expectant mom. This inspired her to create a support network for moms, which grew into Mommy Mundo, the Philippines’ go-to resource for all things motherhood. Even after moving to Canada with her family, this mother of three continues to support moms in the Philippines and seems excited about expanding Mommy Mundo to Canada. With events like Expo Mom and a strong online presence, Mommy Mundo has reached nearly a million mothers, spreading #MOMPOWERMENT everywhere. Janice’s drive comes from her passion for helping moms and her own journey as a mother of three.

Ivanna Dela Torre, founder of Health Tribe Asia

100 inspiring filipino moms ivanna dela torre

​​Ivanna Dela Torre, founder of Health Tribe Asia, is a seasoned consultant with over 20 years of experience in public affairs, sustainability, and communications across Southeast Asia. She created Health Tribe Asia as a community of health champions dedicated to promoting wellness and positive health practices. In addition to her work with Health Tribe Asia, Ivanna is also the founder of WomenInPolicy.Org, a thought leadership platform aimed at elevating women’s voices in public policy and sustainable development discussions. Ivanna is also the author and publisher of “When the World Sneezed,” a children’s picture book promoting healthier habits and pandemic awareness. Currently, she holds a senior director role at Coca-Cola, focusing on public affairs, communications, and sustainability in the Philippines, Vietnam, and Cambodia. This mom’s passion for health, education, and sustainability drives her work, making a significant impact through her professional and volunteer efforts.

Candice Quimpo, Imaginable Impact

100 inspiring filipino moms candice quimpo

Candice Quimpo, along with her co-founder Niña Terol, leads Imaginable Impact, a women-led inclusion studio dedicated to empowering women leaders and fostering inclusive communities. Drawing on her background in social impact, entrepreneurship, and communication, this mother of two designs programs and initiatives that promote leadership, economic empowerment, and cultural shifts towards inclusivity. Together with Niña, Candice aims to co-create a world where women thrive, engaging in meaningful discussions, transforming narratives, and elevating women’s voices to build a more equitable society. Imaginable Impact’s “FoundHer Forum” for Filipina investors and founders exemplifies Candice’s commitment to authenticity, intentionality, and meaningful impact drives her work, making her a driving force in reframing Filipina leadership and strengthening women leaders globally.

Amanda Griffin Jacob, founder of Glam-o-Mamas & IJM Ambassador

100 inspiring filipino moms amanda griffin jacob

This amazing mama of four and founder of Glam-o-mamas is a prominent figure in the realm of motherhood and advocacy. Through Glam-o-mamas, a community hub offering support and resources for mothers, Amanda empowers them to embrace their beauty and strength while navigating the challenges of motherhood. Additionally, as the first International Justice Mission Ambassador, she plays a crucial role in raising awareness and combating online sexual exploitation of children. Amanda’s dedication to both motherhood and advocacy underscores her commitment to making a meaningful difference in the world, one that resonates deeply with mothers everywhere.

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