100 things moms should stop saying "Sorry!" for

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Hey moms, have you ever found yourself apologizing for things beyond your control? For things that you shouldn't have to feel bad for? Then this is for you!

Ready? Here you go:

src=http://findingjoy.net/wp content/uploads/2015/01/fb100THINGSMOMSCANSTOPAPOLOGZINGFOR.jpg 100 things moms should stop saying Sorry! for

1. Having a messy house.

2. Having dishes in the sink.

3. Bottle feeding.

4. Breastfeeding.

5. When the kids have a melt down in the store.

6. Whatever diapering choice you make.

7. Serving breakfast for dinner.

8. Serving leftover dinner for breakfast.

9. Birthday parties (if you do one – that’s a gold star there.)

10. Crumbs in the back of the car, van, or vehicle that you transport those kids in. And hand prints on the windows. src=http://findingjoy.net/wp content/uploads/2012/11/momfridayfaves 2.jpg 100 things moms should stop saying Sorry! for

11. Getting coffee.

12. Going through the Starbucks line.

13. Going through the Starbucks line twice.

14. Having difficulty turning the jumbo cart.

15. Asking for wipes to sanitize the cart.

16. Vaccine choices.

17. Educational choices.

18. Decor choices.

19. The time you yelled at your kids (wait, say sorry, but don’t hold onto guilt.)

20. Ordering fast food.

21. Your kid’s food allergies. (never, never, never)

src=http://findingjoy.net/wp content/uploads/2013/01/IMG 3005.jpg 100 things moms should stop saying Sorry! for

22. Working.

23.  Staying at home.

24.  Working part time.

25.  Not volunteering enough.

26. For trying to do the impossible.

27. For not getting everything done.

28.  For asking a question.

29. For sleeping in a bit late.

30. For missing the phone call/text/message.

31.  For not having time to do a new project.

32. For having Legos everywhere or stepping on Legos (okay maybe an empathy sorry here).

src=http://findingjoy.net/wp content/uploads/2013/05/j1 252824 2529.jpg 100 things moms should stop saying Sorry! for

33. For crying over spilled milk.

34. For not having organic milk.

35. For not having all the laundry folded.

36. For rushing through the day.

37. For losing the paperwork.

38. For things totally out of our control. Like weather. Out of our control.

39. For your child not cooperating at the doctor’s office.

40. For your child not cooperating at the doctor’s office when they want to stick a stick down their throat.

41. For the wait at the Pharmacy.

42. For runny noses.

43. For needing help.

44. That our kids use electronics.

src=http://findingjoy.net/wp content/uploads/2014/03/unplug.jpg 100 things moms should stop saying Sorry! for

45. For not returning the dishes from a delivered meal promptly. (love disposable)

46. For being sad.

47. For not having treats in the house. Or for having treats.

48. For just being frank.

49. For spending too much time on the computer.

50. For taking time for ourselves.

51. For spending money.

52. For being sick. (oh my word, this one. . . like we can help being sick)

53.  For hiding chocolate.

54. For correcting the sales total.

55. That you don’t like dinner.

56. That the noodles are mushy.

57. For calling right now and bothering you.

58. For not being able to say what you want to say.

59. For not posting the pics from whatever event in time.

src=http://findingjoy.net/wp content/uploads/2012/09/august13 78 1 .jpg 100 things moms should stop saying Sorry! for

60. For any type of bodily fluid that leaves a child’s body and gets on anyone else.

61. For stains on the walls.

62. For handprints on the windows.

63. That the toys in the yard aren’t put away.

64. That you didn’t send Christmas cards.

65. For saying “I’m sorry”

66. For saying “I’m sorry for saying ‘I’m sorry.’ ”

67. For my marriage. Or relationship. Or whatever state you’re in.

68. For not being a good friend.

69. That you cannot eat that sugary cereal.

70. For taking a nap.

71. For not resting when the baby was rested.

72. For watching television.

73. Eating out. 7

4. Using pain meds during childbirth.

75. Asking questions at the doctor’s office.

76. That the kids are tired.

src=http://findingjoy.net/wp content/uploads/2013/06/9212 45.jpg 100 things moms should stop saying Sorry! for

77.  For being tired.

78.  For being in pj’s at three pm.

79.  For any appearance thing. Any. All of them.

80.  For asking for the volume to be turned down on anything.

81. That you don’t parent the way others  think you should.

82. For your packed lunch that is rather boring.

83. For bumping into you at the store. Or any accidental bump.

84. Asking questions.

85. Not decorating enough or trendy enough or for the rip in the couch or faded curtains.

86. For being overprotective.

87. For saying “no” to letting the kids see that movie.

88. For not doing treat bags.

89. For not letting you hold the baby.

90. For making you wash your hands before you hold the baby.

91. For canceling the playdate because your kids are sick.

92. For taking too long at checkout.

93. That dinner isn’t ready yet. Or lunch. Or breakfast.

94. For asking for help with the kids.

95. That you have to do chores. Or homework.

src=http://findingjoy.net/wp content/uploads/2013/01/maps.jpg 100 things moms should stop saying Sorry! for

96. That we cannot afford that right now.

97. For not finishing the to-do list.

98. For being lonely.

99. For our emotions.

100. For just being real.


Like really listen and believe this -> Real is awesome.

src=http://findingjoy.net/wp content/uploads/2013/01/IMG 1367.jpg 100 things moms should stop saying Sorry! for

Real makes mistakes. Real falls down. Real tries again.

The real you?

That is beautiful.

And never something to be apologized for. ~Rachel

Article originally published on: Findingjoy.net

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