11-month-old boy with intestine sticking out of stomach needs surgery

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Meet Stephen Jacob. He has Hirschsprung's Disease and he needs our help so he can get his third intestine surgery.

We came across Meriam Patingo's story on Facebook.

Upon contacting her we learned that her youngest son Stephen Jacob has a condition called Hirschsprung's disease which causes an inability to normally pass stool.

He was born in September of 2014 and it was only a few hours after the caesarian birth that he started showing symptoms of the condition.

Hirschsprung's disease causes a blockage of the large intestine.

At one month old, he had his first surgery which allowed him to pass stool through a colostomy bag outside of his body.

In August 2015, at 11 months, Stephen Jacob got his second surgery: a procedure which removed his rectum.

According to a biopsy, it was the reason why he was unable to pass stools normally.

Now, he is in need of his third intestine surgery which will be the closure of his colostomy. Granted that all tests and laboratory results are normal, the surgery can be performed in November.

They are in need of around P58,000 to pay for all their hospital bills.

Meriam's husband, Raymond, is working as a bartender earning minimum wage, while Meriam is a housewife. They also have a 7-year-old son named Iseah John.

They are asking the public to help in any way that they can in order for their son to live a happy and healthy life.

You can help them by contacting Meriam at 0907-823-06-60.

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Bianchi Mendoza