Tragic! 12-year-old boy dies in motorcycle accident in Cavite

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The unfortunate incident happened after the 12-year-old took out their motorcycle without his parents' permission and crashed.

A 12-year-old boy from Cavite has suffered a tragic death after being involved in a motorcycle accident.

He took the motorcycle without his parents' permission

According to reports, the 12-year-old, identified as John Dave Maliksi, was riding a motorcycle along Daang Hari road in Imus when he crashed into the gutter of the center island. He wasn't wearing a helmet.

They said that John Dave was still alive when they rushed him to the hospital, but sadly he wasn't able to make it.

His mother was devastated about what happened to her son. She related that her son's injuries were so severe that she was unable to recognize her son.

She thought she was safe with their relatives

John Dave's mother thought that he was with her in-laws when the accident happened. However, she didn't know that her son went out with a few of his friends to go to a nearby party.

She recounts that his uncle at first didn't allow him to go to the party since they had to ask her mother for permission. However, her son was insistent that they eventually gave him permission. However, they were not aware that John Dave also took the motorcycle without their permission.

According to reports, the accident happened because the 12-year-old attempted to overtake a truck, and then hit the center island. Before the incident, one of his friends who was riding in the back of the motorcycle said that they also hit another vehicle before John Dave died. He added that he asked to go down, and that's when John Dave sped away and got into the accident.

Road safety tips for kids

The tragic incident just goes to show how important it is for children to know how to keep safe on the road, even if they're not the ones driving. Here are some tips:

  • Teach them road signs. At a young age, children should already be knowledgable about road signs. It will be helpful for them as a commuter, as well as when they learn how to drive.
  • Make sure to look both ways before crossing the road. As a basic rule of the road, looking both ways before crossing the road is very important in order for your kids to keep themselves safe. Looking both ways lets them avoid oncoming traffic.
  • Teach them to use the sidewalks. It's important for them to only use the sidewalks instead of the road since sidewalks are the safest place for people to walk on instead of the road itself.
  • Lead by example. Of course, it's also important for parents to not just simply tell their children to be safe on the road, it's also important for parents to lead by example since parents are the number one people that children look up to. So the best way to teach children is to set a good example.


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