PGH investigation finds that 2 out of 14 kids may have died because of Dengvaxia failure

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According to the findings of the recent investigation by the Philippine General Hospital (PGH), 2 out of 14 kids may have died because of Dengvaxia failure.

According to a recent investigation conducted by the PGH, a total of three out of 14 children died as a result of the Dengvaxia vaccine. Of these three children, two may possibly be a result of vaccine failure.

Is Dengvaxia to blame for the deaths?

The DOH recently gave a directive to the PGH to conduct their own investigation regarding the deaths of 14 children, allegedly due to Dengvaxia.

And based on their findings, only three deaths had a causal association with the vaccine. This means that they died of dengue even after being vaccinated.

Six other cases are indeterminate because there is no sufficient evidence that shows the deaths were vaccine-related. They add that three other cases had nothing to do with the vaccine, and two cases are inconclusive due to lack of evidence.

Should parents be worried about vaccines?

In the wake of the Dengvaxia controversy, more and more parents are wary not just about the dengue vaccine, but about vaccines in general.

Understandably, it's normal behavior for parents to be worried about what goes into the vaccines that their kids are getting. However, just because one vaccine allegedly has some risks, it doesn't mean that all vaccines are the same.

Vaccines such as those against flu, polio, chickenpox, measles, etc. should definitely be given to your child. These vaccines have been tried and tested to be safe, and can prevent the spread of dangerous diseases.

Moreover, vaccines provide "herd immunity," which is a phenomenon wherein the spread of a disease is lessened the more people are vaccinated against it.

Vaccines not only keep your child safe, but getting your child immunized can help unimmunized children from getting sick.

As always, it's best to trust and consult your doctor regarding vaccines, as they are the ones most knowledgeable about it.


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