2-year-old recovers from mystery disease: You’ll be surprised at the diagnosis

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The two-year-old boy had left his doctors baffled about his so-called incurable disease. But then genetic testing revealed this about him.

Taylor Davison, from Newcastle, had an illness which had left his doctors puzzled. According to this report, his mother Stephanie Rossiter said, “Taylor confused them all and they called him the mystery boy.”

For the longest they believed that he was suffering from a mitochondrial disease. The doctors thought that Taylor would be wheelchair bound for the rest of his life before succumbing to an early death. But then they did genetic testing on the boy and they were in for a shock. He was actually suffering from vitamin B7 deficiency which is absolutely curable.

What’s more, post receiving the correct treatment, little Taylor is absolutely fine. Going by this report, his mom stated that, “We thought Taylor would die but now he is doing everything other kids do.”

Apparently, Taylor’s symptoms cropped up out of the blue. He was suddenly unable to stand or hold himself up and was rushed to the hospital. Looking at his symptoms, the doctors said that he could be suffering from mitochondrial disease. However, the genetic testing revealed that Taylor was just deficient in vitamin B7.

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