25 Things moms do before 8am – hilarious!

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Moms have a busy schedule to follow each day with their kids in tow. Here are the many things moms do before 8am.

Once you’re a parent, you’re always in a race with time to accomplish a gazillion things within the hour (or at max, 2 hours) before your kids set out for school. Coffee? What coffee?

Here’s a list of the things moms do before 8am (and we’re sure we’ve missed out some):

1. Wake the kids up

Wake the Kids Up

2. Put the kettle on for some coffee (often with a tiny tot attached to your ankles)

3. Wake the kids up again

4. Brush their teeth (while nagging that they’re going to be late for school, and you, for work)

5. Iron their school uniforms

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