4 Farm Zoos Just 2 Hours Away From Manila!

Visiting farm zoos makes for a fun and unique experience where your children can witness and learn about flora and fauna in controlled natural environments.

When the family is looking to have some fun and adventure, a road trip to Manila's nearby provinces always comes to mind.

What if we tell you that within a couple of hours, you and your family can be transported to a magnificent sanctuary of the most amazing plant and animal species? A day's tour is enough to appreciate their beauty, making for a learning- and adventure-filled day for the family.

Check out these four farm zoos that are just two hours away from Manila!



Paradizoo is an expansive agri-farm and zoo in Mendez, Cavite.

Here, families can immerse themselves in agriculture and see a variety of animals up close.

There is a petting farm for mammals, a fish pond, an aviary, a mini bee farm, a pet cemetery, and an activity field for camel and horseback riding.

The grounds feature rolling hills where children can run freely, and vast patches of land cultivating a multitude of plants, both ornamental and edible.

With so much to see, a carabao-driven carriage is the best way to get around the farm.

A visit to their restaurant, which serves homegrown crops, is definitely in order. Included in the menu is their own goat's milk and a healthy, refreshing drink called Zoomanitea.

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Within the enclave of Residence Inn and fronting the wondrous view of the Taal Volcano in Tagaytay is Zoori.

Zoori houses a myriad of animals and offers interactive activities for the family.

It has a showcase of insects, reptiles, birds, and a vast area holding many kinds of mammals, including camels, tigers, and lions.

On some days, animal shows are held with performers presenting the animals in a delightful manner. Guests are encouraged to go up on stage and even hold the animals that are in the show.

For photo souvenirs, guests can pose with a pony, a monitor lizard, a white parrot, a yellow python, and even a tiger.

Other activities include a zipline for adults and kids, as well as horseback riding.

Food and refreshments are served at the picturesque dining area overlooking the Taal Volcano.

Heading north? Check out Clarks's hidden zoo.


Zoocobia Fun Zoo

Nestled in a hidden valley in Clark, Pampanga is a safari-inspired farm zoo that promises a fantastic time for the family.

Inside this cascading valley is an aviary, an ostrich field, exotic animals like civets, porcupines and serpents, a monkey-feeding area, a maze, a bunny barn and a petting zoo for camels, horses, sheep, goats, wild boars, even a Wagyu cow!

Zoo highlights include long curving slides, Zoocology, a gallery of animal artifacts, and the Zooc, a gravity car that makes for an exhilarating ride on a 400 meter zigzag track.

The mini Aeta town inside the farm also offers unique experiences, as the friendly Aetas genuinely extend their hospitality to anyone who visits. You won't soon forget their warm and bright smiles.

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Zoobic Safari

Zoobic Safari at the Forest Adventure of Subic Bay Freeport is a massive property that exhibits wild animal life in a simulated natural habitat.

Families will get a thrill from getting a close encounter with exotic animals in various habitats of forests, streams, and grasslands.

This 25-hectare property hosts an impressive list of attractions for the family.

It has a huge forest park that is suitable for trekking and witnessing wild and semi-domesticated animals in their natural habitat. It also offers a petting area for friendly animals, such as parakeets, bearcats, and camels.

In controlled and safe surroundings, families can comfortably wander in the serpentarium, aviary, and a rodent area with cute guinea pigs! There's also the crocodile-feeding area, a wildlife sanctuary that houses ostriches, potbellies, wild boars and guinea fowls, and a facility that offers a view of the Siberian-Bengal tigers within 2 feet from where you stand.

The highlights of Zoobic include the Aetas' Trail, which features the Aetas' rituals and traditional dances, and the Tiger Safari, a heart-stopping encounter with full-grown, free-grazing tigers, aboard a special safari jeep.

Can't wait to start planning your family trip to these farm zoos? Visit zoomanity.com.ph. for more information and directions.

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