4 Farm Zoos Just 2 Hours Away From Manila!

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Visiting farm zoos makes for a fun and unique experience where your children can witness and learn about flora and fauna in controlled natural environments.

When the family is looking to have some fun and adventure, a road trip to Manila's nearby provinces always comes to mind.

What if we tell you that within a couple of hours, you and your family can be transported to a magnificent sanctuary of the most amazing plant and animal species? A day's tour is enough to appreciate their beauty, making for a learning- and adventure-filled day for the family.

Check out these four farm zoos that are just two hours away from Manila!



Paradizoo is an expansive agri-farm and zoo in Mendez, Cavite.

Here, families can immerse themselves in agriculture and see a variety of animals up close.

There is a petting farm for mammals, a fish pond, an aviary, a mini bee farm, a pet cemetery, and an activity field for camel and horseback riding.

The grounds feature rolling hills where children can run freely, and vast patches of land cultivating a multitude of plants, both ornamental and edible.

With so much to see, a carabao-driven carriage is the best way to get around the farm.

A visit to their restaurant, which serves homegrown crops, is definitely in order. Included in the menu is their own goat's milk and a healthy, refreshing drink called Zoomanitea.

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