4 Ways divorce made me a better mom

4 Ways divorce made me a better mom

“Thanks to divorce, my daughter and I have time together without stress in which I can pass out values to her that I find near and dear to my heart.”

Divorce is perhaps one of the most stigmatized concepts in the world, and those who chose to go through with it are often maligned by the society at large.

Divorcee Laura Lifshitz, in her Popsugar story, definitely felt like a disgrace, for a long time “felt as if I were a terrible mom and parent for deciding, along with my ex, to split.”

But the ordeal also made her a better person, a better mom.

“Divorce placed me in the hardest of situations and each time, I got myself out of the slippery knot a bit stronger, a bit smarter, a bit more positive, and a lot more confident.

“Divorce also made me:

Value the the time I had with my daughter

“Sometimes we don't realize what we have until it is gone,” Laura confessed. “I always cherished the moments with my daughter but when we started dividing her time up into sections called ‘His’ and ‘Mine,’ I realized that those days called ‘Mine’ were going to be so precious.”

Now she has to make every second she has with her daughter count, because once she hands her daughter to her dad, it would be days before they see each other again.

Think for myself

“Operating with a very small support staff of friends and sometimes family, I had to really think for myself unlike when I was part of a couple and had someone to confer with,” Laura said.

Everything from the family’s finances to health insurance to running a household—every decision fell on her shoulders. At first this daunted her, but over time it empowered her and boosted her self-esteem.

The newfound confidence helped her feel secure as a parent that she didn’t before experience.

Stress less

“I don't think people understand how a broken marriage can seep into your pores and being.”

Parents may think their children “don't notice” their unhappiness or stress, but they do.

“The ability to be free of a situation that was not working positively for my ex, my child or me allowed me to be less stressed and happier.

“As hard as it is to be split amongst two homes, it's much better than living under the yolk of two sad parents.”

Instil the values I find dear

“Dad will have his time with our girl to instil what he feels is vital to our child, and me? I will have mine, thanks to divorce,” said Laura.

“Thanks to divorce, my daughter and I have time together without stress in which I can pass out values to her that I find near and dear to my heart.”

The bottom line in Laura’s article is that divorce is never easy, but sometimes it comes to a point where separation is the best thing to do for all the parties involved.

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