4 Ways new dads can nail the first year of fatherhood

4 Ways new dads can nail the first year of fatherhood

With this helpful advice, fathers everywhere will nail the first year of being a dad!

Becoming a father will change a man for the better. That said, it's not easy transitioning from man to father. That's why it's important to get your foot in the door, and make sure you're firing on all cylinders by the time your child arrives.

Recently, a dad on Upworthy shared some thoughts and ideas about how to crush the first year of being a dad. Having read the dad's comprehensive and helpful list, we felt it was our obligation to prep dads in a similar fashion.

In an effort to make sure dads everywhere are the best parents they can possibly be, we compiled a helpful list of 4 ways new dads can nail the first year of fatherhood:

1. Plot and plan everything you can

Parenthood is not something that's easily planned. Especially when you're planning for your first child. Either way, new dads should try their hardest to map out exactly what they need to do to excel as a father. Try establishing and distributing assigned roles and responsibilities between you and your partner. That way when the baby arrives, you won't be unorganized, and blindsided with confusion. Knowing what your plan is ahead of time will greatly reduce stress, so abandon the "we'll cross that bridge when we come to it" mentality.


2. Never be afraid to seek guidance or help

As a new dad, you're a rookie to the game. You're going to need help and there's absolutely no shame in admitting it. You should be ready to seek guidance or help from whomever is willing to impart some baby knowledge. Pick up a few books, do some research, talk to experienced dads, talk to your own dad, do just about anything to fortify your understanding of what being a father means. You'll thank yourself in the end.


4 Ways New Dads Can Nail The First Year of Fatherhood


3. Try to take as much time off from work as possible

Not every company allows for paid leave for both parents, or for dads. If they do, it might be wise to consider your options. It's very important to assist your partner in the early goings of parenthood. After all, they're new to the concept as well, so it's only fair that you try to shoulder the load as much as possible.

It's not all about physical labor and assisting your spouse, though. If you're around to change the baby, feed them, hold them while they fall asleep, etc., you're developing a unique relationship. It'd be a shame if you missed out on an opportunity to develop a strong bond with your child because you had to work.

Even if you can't get time off, it might be a good idea to ask if you can reduce your hours, or try to work from home as much as possible. It won't just help your partner, it'll help you grow as a parent.


4. Bring your baby wherever you can, whenever you can

Spending quality time with your baby is incredibly important for new dads. Especially if you aren't able to take time off from work. If you want to master this "being a dad" thing, you should include your kid in just about anything that you do. It'll give you a chance to develop your relationship!

Try bringing your baby along with you to run errands, go to events, or even just run around town for fun. You should definitely try doing these things solo. Mom needs some time to gather herself, and she's earned it! Besides, hanging out with your baby as a sole parent will help you master the art of being a great dad.


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