This incredible 4-year-old girl wowed the world by speaking 7 languages perfectly

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4-year-old Bella made jaws drop all over the world with her linguistic skills

Four-year-old Bella Devyatkina has won the hearts of people all over the world after showing off her knack for different languages on Udivitelniye Lyudi (Incredible People), a televised talent show in Russia, The Telegraph reports.

Bella spoke to the show’s host in Russian, then moved on to six other stations on the stage to converse with adults in perfect English, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic. The gifted child also showed off her literacy skills by reading in English and French, and also delighted the audience with a Spanish song.

After the little polyglot was done talking to everyone, Bella was presented with a mermaid tail—a dream come true for the little girl, the host told the audience. Just like any 4-year-old, Bella clutched the mermaid tail close to her chest and bounced around in joy before running back to her parents in the audience.

Watch the incredible video here:

A skeptical few have speculated that Bella must have memorized her lines, but her mother insists that her daughter is the real thing.

“We’ve been learning languages from birth,” Bella’s mom, an English teacher, explained. “But when we saw her interest growing, we added new languages bit by bit and that’s how we got to seven!”

Bella also has multiple nannies of different nationalities who talk to her in their native languages, Weird Russia reports. Not only do they teach her words and phrases, they also have discussions on different issues and topics from Bella’s encyclopedias.

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