What milk brings to the table: 5 benefits of whole milk that all moms should know

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The best milk for your family? Whole milk naturally contains the essential nutrients that support growth and development.

Humans are mammals; so by definition, we give our babies milk! Even after we’ve weaned our children from breastmilk, we instinctively encourage them to continue drinking milk. So what is it that makes milk such an important part of our everyday diet?

Generations of children grew up nourished by cow’s milk but the wide range of choices in the market today have moms wondering: Which is the best milk for my family?

The answer comes from why we need milk in the first place: to help us meet our nutritional requirements!

For children, meeting dietary recommendations is important to help their bodies and brains develop properly. This includes having strong bones, a good immune system, and enough energy for their daily activities.

Therefore, the best milk should provide the following benefits:

1. Calcium

Calcium is the best-known benefit linked to milk. The dairy product is loaded with this mineral that’s required to keep bones (and teeth) strong and healthy. It is even more important during childhood because this is when a lot of growth is happening. But not all sources of calcium are adequate. The best source, milk, is not only high in calcium, but also has other minerals such as phosphorus and magnesium that help the body retain and absorb calcium! Aside from the formation of bones and teeth, it also helps the body create energy.

2. Energy

Proteins are the body’s building blocks and are key to sustaining energy. It’s required by ALL cells, tissues, and organs. To support fast growth and development, there are 9 essential amino acids that create protein. Complete protein contains all 9 and, you guessed it, it’s found in milk. Whether it’s physical activities or mental exercises, we need enough energy to sustain us throughout the day, making milk a rich source of energy and an important part of our diet.

3. No Vegetable Oil and No Added Sugar

Perhaps the best part about whole milk is that it isn’t a human invention. Unlike artificial drinks, this is designed by nature – no added sugar and none of the artificial fats found in vegetable oil. Literally, natural goodness.

This is also why the nutrients on this list are not just present, they are also highly bioavailable – that means easily absorbed and used by the body. For moms with picky eaters, this is nature’s way of ensuring that your children’s development is adequately supported.

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