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5 Hot new Pinoy celebrity dads

There is nothing sexier than a man who has embraced the role of father. Plus points if he's good looking to begin with. Check out our list of hot new Pinoy celebrity dads.

Moms, are we all in agreement that there is nothing hotter than your partner holding your baby in his arms, rocking the little one to sleep (so you can get in a few winks too)?

The transition from handsome husband to doting dad is all the more heartwarming to see in celebrity dads (as we dutifully stalk their Instagram accounts), whom we are used to seeing through the lens of glamor.

Suddenly the matinee idol is hanging up nursery decor, and the chiseled athlete is shopping for onesies.

Here's our list of hot new Pinoy celebrity dads. Enjoy.

Andrew Wolff

Model and Athlete, Andrew Wolff, is #SweetDad to little heartbreaker Adrianna Zoe Wolff. You can just imagine him snapping this photo, staring lovingly at his precious angel.

The little charmer is 2 years old now and gets to go on adventures with Dada. She's not always awake for them though!

Paraw sailing with Adrianna Zoe Wolff

Posted by Andrew Wolff on Thursday, February 4, 2016


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When she's up on her feet, she gets away with, well, what little girls get away with when they say, "Daddy, puhleaaaase."

With dada at our costume party in school ????

Posted by Adrianna Zoe Wolff on Friday, October 16, 2015


Our next Pinoy celebrity dad is absolutely smitten with his baby girl.

Dingdong Dantes


A photo posted by Dingdong Dantes (@dongdantes) on

So obviously in love with his wife (who wouldn't be?)

And on cloud 9 as he takes on the role of family man.

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The part that we can't get over is how he's working really hard to leave a better world for Baby Zia.


You'll love the family photos of our next dad.

Richard Gutierrez

It's sun's out guns out for this Papa.

Ready for battle #AngPanday

A photo posted by @richardgutz on

This proud father has mastered the art of capturing beautiful moments between mother-and-child.

A photo posted by @richardgutz on

Like this one:

BALI take over???????? #ZionTheYoungLion #Gutz3Bali #Bali

A photo posted by @richardgutz on

And this stolen snap.

Making lasting memories in Bali #Bali #indo #canggu #leica #35mmSummilux #family #Gutz3Bali

A photo posted by @richardgutz on

But it's the everyday family moments that really tug at the heartstrings. You know that when the spotlights are switched off, this picture-perfect family behaves just like the rest of us.

Goodnight everyone. ???? ???? #EverydayIsFathersDay

A photo posted by @richardgutz on


Trust us, you want to see what's on the next page (hint: it's a 6-pack).

Ali Khatibi

Helllooooooooo Mr. Khatibi.


MMA fighter and loving husband to actress Cristine Reyes is also proud papa....


Posted by Cristine Reyes on Thursday, January 28, 2016


... to this little cutie!

Smooch ????

Posted by Cristine Reyes on Sunday, January 3, 2016


She may look like mommy, but she's daddy's little princess.

Happy Sunday #aliaaarianeamarah #sunday #familyday #livelovelife

Posted by Cristine Reyes on Sunday, August 23, 2015


She's got spunk!

#peacebewithyou ✌️

Posted by Cristine Reyes on Sunday, November 15, 2015


Must be the early exposure to jiu-jitsu training.

ensayo muna ang bagong gising. #aliaaarianeamarah @alijoshua #deftac #bamf #training #jiujitsu #ribeiro

Posted by Cristine Reyes on Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Such a gorgeous family!

A photo posted by Cristine Reyes (@cristinereyes) on

Our next dad is smokin' and so very talented. What a killer combo.

Paul Soriano

See you @rebelde_films this May 2016. Looking forward to this. #TEN17P #Producer #Director

A photo posted by Paul Soriano (@paulsoriano1017) on

Although the couple hasn't confirmed the pregnancy yet, a source close to the couple has shared the news.

His vivacious celebrity wife, Toni, has been dropping hints though...

We wait with bated breath at this infanticipation. We just know though that this power couple will be fantastic parents.


A photo posted by Paul Soriano (@paulsoriano1017) on

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