The 5 mommy friends you need in your life

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Mommy friends make each day easier to bear. Here are 5 types of mommy friends you will want to have in your life.

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Motherhood is a journey best traveled with fellow moms.

Most, if not all, moms would probably agree that motherhood is a journey best traveled with others—including other moms. Indeed, with “mommy friends” in your life, the challenges of raising your child may not be as daunting as you rely on the wisdom of their experience.

But what kind of mommy friends do you actually need in your life? We’ve come up with a list to help you out, and make your search for mommy friends a whole lot easier!

1. The mommy work friend

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Mommy friends at work can really help brighten up your day.

Who she is

She could be a colleague at work, a business partner, or a fellow mompreneur. She knows exactly how it feels to juggle work and motherhood because she does it, too.

Why you’ll love her

If there’s one mom who understands your struggles with work-life balance, it would be her. She’s familiar with the mommy guilt you may have over the time you spend at the office and away from your children.

You can count on her to cover for you at the office during emergencies, and you would willingly do the same for her in a heartbeat.

How to get to know her

Reach out to fellow moms in your department. If you work in a big company, you could work with your HR group to set up a working mom support group that can meet regularly.

Before you know it, your mom acquaintances at work will soon become your true-blue mommy friends.

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2. The school co-parent

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Parents from your child’s class can make great friends.

Who she is

You see her in the mornings when you drop off your child and again in the afternoons while you wait for the kids to get out of class. Chances are she works her day around her children’s schedules, too, just like you do.

Why you’ll love her

If her kid is in the same grade level as yours, you instantly have someone to go to for help with homework and exam reviewers.

Even if your kids aren’t the same age, though, mommy friends in school are always fun to chat with while you wait for your child.

It doesn’t matter what the conversation is about. What matters is that you actually get to engage in a conversation with another adult on a regular basis.

How to get to know her

Smile and say hello. If she has become a familiar face to you, most likely you are also the same to her. Ask what level her child is in, and offer a little bit of information about your little one. Being friendly will soon pay off.

3. The playground mom

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Having playground mom friends means you can have fun, too, while your kids enjoy their time at the playground.

Who she is

She sits on the other end of the see-saw from her child and also takes the time to push another kid on the swing.

You may feel intimidated at first, but a closer look will show that her hair is not always perfect, and she may even have juice stains on her clothes on some days—just like you do.

Why you’ll love her

Having mommy friends in your neighborhood means you’ll have playmates for your children on weekends or after school.

It also means having someone to hang out with, go for walks with, and maybe eventually, go on a lunch date with sans the kids.

How to get to know her

Don’t be afraid to walk up to this mommy and strike up a conversation. Exchange phone numbers and agree to meet up again at the playground on another day.

Before you know it, you’ll be hanging out regularly together.

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4. The neighborly neighbor

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Neighbors are great to have as buddies.

Who she is

She could be your next-door neighbor or the lady down the street who has children, too.

You often glimpse each other heading out with your families, or struggling to bring the groceries inside the house after a major shopping trip.

Why you’ll love her

Having a neighbor as a mommy friend means you’ll have someone to count on to take the kids for a quick afternoon playdate at their homes.

Then, when it’s your turn to have the kids over, she sends snacks for the little ones over to your house. Your conversations can easily go from quick hellos to long, entertaining catch-up sessions.

How to get to know her

Start by inviting her and the kids over for an afternoon of snacks and games.

As you eventually become comfortable with your friendship, your children will begin to feel the same about each other, too.

5. The online mom buddy

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Near or far, you know you can count on your online mom buddies.

Who she is

She’s the mom you met online, or an old mommy friend who no longer lives nearby.

Why you’ll love her

No matter the time of day, she is always ready to read your emails and private messages, and share little bits of wisdom and advice.

How to get to know her

Sign up for mommy groups on Facebook or in-forum sites, and join in on the conversation. Sooner or later you will chance upon a mom with similar interests, someone you can really chat with for hours on end.


Do you have your own set of mommy friends? Where did you meet, and how do you keep your friendship going? Share your experiences with us by leaving a comment!

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