5 Showbiz dads who have aged like fine wine

5 Showbiz dads who have aged like fine wine

These showbiz dads are still breaking hearts everywhere.

Salt-and-pepper hair, laugh lines, a five o'clock shadow, and the ability to still rock jeans - these veteran actors and dads have still got it. That they look THIS good after all these years is just uncanny.

Whether it's in the genes, their grooming habits, or the TLC they get from the women in their lives, kudos to these 5 local showbiz dads for withstanding the tests and battering of Mother Time.

Boyet de Leon

#throwback Time flies but good memories remain????❤️

A photo posted by Sandy_Andolong de Leon (@sandy_andolong) on

Seriously?! This guy must be a vampire. He looks exactly the same today as he did on their wedding day.

5 kids and more than two decades later, Mr. and Mrs. de Leon are still so happily in love. Now that's the key to staying young.

Father in heaven, I ask you to look down on my husband of so many decades and to give him a special blessing on his birthday. I thank You for his deep love for me and for our children. Our marriage has been greatly enriched by our children & grandchildren. To see him grow as a loving & very devoted father has only deepened my love for him. You gave him the grace and wisdom to nurture our children, and immensely love them. Help him to discover new joys in life and new ways to love and grow more in You. Keep him in your care & hold him always in Your most loving heart. Bless me with the grace to be his partner in this continued increase in our love for each other and for You. Amen Happiest birthday Ahava! Love you much @sgt.pepper8 ❤️

A photo posted by Sandy_Andolong de Leon (@sandy_andolong) on

Tall, dark, and handsome. You know who's coming up next.

Richard Gomez

He looks almost god-like rowing a boat...

Found a BENCH rowing ad online #rowrowrowyourboatgentlydownthestreammerrilymerrilymerrilylifeisbutadream

A photo posted by Richard Gomez ???????? (@richardgomezinstagram) on

and he ain't too shabby performing his daddy duties either.

Went to the grocery for some #delmonte #bonesmart This is great baon when taping or shooting a project.

A photo posted by Richard Gomez ???????? (@richardgomezinstagram) on

We love how he takes his daughter on dates.

Hi @lucytgomez ! We'll see you tomorrow! My precious time w juliana is so well spent with her #tataynatataylangangdatingdiba

A photo posted by Richard Gomez ???????? (@richardgomezinstagram) on

The bond with his unica hija is one forged over years of making memories.

Back when she was little and her mom could make her wear stuff on her head, no questions asked. What were we doing here @gomezjuliana

A photo posted by Richard Gomez ???????? (@richardgomezinstagram) on

There is so much to love about the first family of Ormoc.

What does fatherhood look like on a bad boy? Find out on the next page.

Robin Padilla

The "bad boy" of Philippine cinema is not exempt from the soft and sensitive side that fatherhood brings out in men.

Now that is boy is fast becoming a man himself....

Memories with my dad :)

A photo posted by AliPadilla14 (@alipadilla14) on

The "Action King" gets to go on brand new adventures with his new leading lady, Mariel.

She's probably largely to credit for keeping him young. We love their silly and spontaneous sweet moments.

our love story ????

A photo posted by mariel padilla (@marieltpadilla) on

They aren't afraid of what people will think or say either.

We love how this guy has just stayed so darn cool.

missing you @robinhoodpadilla

A photo posted by mariel padilla (@marieltpadilla) on

Trust us, you want to see the throwback photo on the next page.

Bobby Andrews

He made us love Saturdays.

T.G.i.S! ♥♥♥ #WayBackThen

A photo posted by Angelu-Bobby Loveteam (@angelu_bobby) on

His weekends are spent doing all sorts of wacky things with his brood now.

archery class #sagitarium

A photo posted by Bobby Andrews (@iambobbyandrews) on

But he'll always be "Wacks" to us.

Lakawon island Negros !!! The best...

A photo posted by Bobby Andrews (@iambobbyandrews) on

The last of our distinguished showbiz dads is irrefutable proof that the fountain of youth exists.

Ian Veneracion

This dad of three went from child star to primetime actor right before our eyes.

hello instagram #FlashbackFriday tayo. first time to post here.

A photo posted by Ian Veneracion (@ianveneracion75) on

We need a new word for "handsome".

The young 'uns have got nothing on this dashing man in his forties.

"where's the sun Eduardo?? :)" #NewDP

A photo posted by Ian Veneracion (@ianveneracion75) on

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