5 Real ways to stick to your 2016 fitness goals

5 Real ways to stick to your 2016 fitness goals

Winning the battle against the bulge is easier than you think. Time to start making everyday changes instead of excuses. You can do it, mom!

It’s been a month since you made that (yearly) resolution to be healthy, lose weight, and tone up. By this time, you’ve probably cheated on your diet and fitness routine a couple of times, and can already taste the sinful deliciousness of Valentine’s day and all the chocolate it brings.

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Don’t shrug off that resolution just yet. Here are 5 foolproof ways to keep to your fitness goals that don’t even require an iron will – just the right tools and a change in mindset.

1. Have no excuses.

In the age of smartphones, there’s no hiding from your boss, your mother-in-law, and your fitness goals. Apps like GuavaPass let you sample workouts from different studios – from yoga to CrossFit, to spinning, and even to Flying Trapeze and pole dancing – with just one membership. You can browse and book your classes through the app.


2. Stick to your fitness routine even when you travel!

Nothing breaks a daily exercise routine like a vacation. You pack those rubber shoes in with every intent of hitting the hotel gym; but, unused, they only end up taking precious pasalubong space.

With your GuavaPass membership, you get access to classes in cities where it’s also available (including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Sydney, Dubai, and Singapore), and the opportunity to meet a few locals!

3. Never get bored.

If the treadmill makes you feel like a hamster on a wheel, don’t force it. Try something new! The newly opened Fitness First Platinum Club at Viridian knows that exercise is best when it involves cross-training.


The Water Rower feels like the real thing and can burn up to a thousand calories per hour!


Spinning is all the rage these days and definitely one of the most well-attended group exercise classes at Fitness First


Kickboxing doesn’t just make for great cardio and strengthening, it works wonders in stress-relief too!

4. Get the gang involved.

Studied and designed by Fitness First experts, the RepHouse Freestyle Floor is made for 30-minute small group Dynamic Movement Training sessions. Diagrams like an agility ladder are drawn right onto the floor, making the workout fuss-free, flowing, and fun!


5. Become an active family.

Good habits begin at home. Start the kids young and encourage them to try different sports, both for their physical, mental, and emotional benefits.


At the recent opening of the MILO Stadium, a kid-sized sports arena, at Kidzania Manila, Ms. Ellen Isturis, Team Lead of MILO Philippines shared, “We’re a strong patron of sports. Whenever your child gets into sports, there are certain values he learns; not just in sports, but also in life.”

“Our thrust is really to build champions everyday. There are things you learn in sports that you could also apply in your day-to-day activities and even when you grow older – key values like teamwork, honesty, discipline,” says Ms. Isturis.

milo 2

“These are solid values that you get from sports,” Jacques Reber, Chairman and CEO of Nestlé Philippines Inc., adds. “Not all people that do sports become champions; but they become champions later in life, and this is what all parents are dreaming of.”


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