5 Things you might do that are toxic to your marriage

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Are you an unknowingly toxic spouse? Learn what little habits may be damaging your marriage and how to fix them with help from experts!

All relationships have their ups and downs; it’s a simple fact of life. While the occasional fight or emotional outburst is expected among spouses, there could be some major red flags in your relationship that you’re not even aware of!

In a recent post to SheKnows, a handful of expert opinions were gathered in order to identify some of the most subtle relationship habits that can best be described as “toxic”. Now, before we go any further, we wish to clarify that if you can relate to any of these entries, it doesn’t mean that you are a toxic partner. All this list aims to do is to identify some of the more caustic actions partners display and help to eliminate them.

fighting couple

With a solid look at these corrosive customs, couples can work to strengthening their relationship by nixing the habits all together!

1. Never taking the blame

“If you are tempted to blame all your relationship woes on your partner, chances are you’re overlooking your role in the problem,” says marriage and family counselor Jessica Wade.

The fact of the matter is that everyone makes mistakes, and its the ability to learn from our mistakes that makes us grow as individuals. If you make a mistake in your marriage, the right thing to do is to show humility and own up to your mistakes. Taking the blame shows flexibility, maturity, and commitment to your partner.


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