5 ways to prank your kids on April Fool’s

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April Fool's comes once a year and may be the only excuse you get to pull a prank on your kid, so don't let the opportunity pass you by!

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Here are five ways to prank your kids on April Fool’s Day

April 1 isn’t just for kids, it’s for the kids-at-heart too. If you feel you fall under the category, then there’s probably nothing holding you back from pulling a prank on your children. Here are a few April Fool’s pranks that you can pull on the kids, that’ll probably have you smiling until you go to bed tonight:

Prank 1: Fooling around with food

Kids love their cereal in the morning.  Just for fun, put a few drops of red and blue food coloring in your jar of fresh milk, harmlessly turning it from white to purple. The little ones will have the surprise of their lives when they pour it on their breakfast cereal.

Prank 2: Bed in the bath

Inform your child first thing in the morning that a painter will be dropping by while she’s at school, to touch up every single room in the house. Let her know, that you need her help getting the place ready. Then, tell her the family will be sleeping in the bathroom until the fumes clear out. Blame it on better ventilation. Finally, give her a kiss and wave her off to school.

Prank 3: Putting the ‘fun’ in fundraiser

As soon as your kid walks through the door, announce that his basketball team or chess club is hosting a huge fundraiser. Tell him that the item on sale is preserved gherkins. Then, hand your son five bottles of the stuff, a receipt book and send him off the neighbors to make a sale. There’s a nice chortle to be gained at the end of that nifty April Fool’s joke.

Prank 4: Opera ensemble

Begin the day communicating with your child solely through song and dance and insist that they follow your lead. Naturally, they will stare at your as if you were crazy, at first.  But they’ll eventually find it quite amusing and the trend will catch on. Any time later during the same day, when he sings: “Dad, can I watch TV?”, stare at him like he’s nuts. The outcome: hysterical humor!

Prank 5: Conning kids over candy

As far as April Fool’s Day jokes go, this one’s the best—making a home video. Tell them that their birthday candy has been eaten while feigning genuine regret. Once the waterworks begin, get the camera rolling and tape their expressions. Give it a moment, before you let them know if an April Fool’s joke.

Here’s a video created for the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, featuring kids who were told by their parents that their candy was gone. It’s a really comical sight. Parents, enjoy!

While pranking your kids can prove quite the experience, be sure that the jokes you play on your little ones are not mean, harmful or dangerous. The trick is in keeping it simple, yet effective. At the end of the day, the idea is for a good time to be had by all, although the prank(s) is at your kid’s expense. Happy laughing!

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