6 Best apps for babies, toddlers, and developing youngsters

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These are, hands down, the absolute best apps for your babies, toddlers, or developing youngsters! Check out the full list here!

A few weeks ago, we here at TheAsianParent shared which 10 apps we truly believe to be the cream of the crop when it comes to parenting. The prudent parent more than likely hastily signed on to their phone's marketplace and made their lives easier by downloading any of those apps. Well, as helpful, insightful, and practical as those apps are for parents, today we'll be taking a different approach. Now it's time that we take a look at which apps are the best for your babies, toddlers, and developing young children!

Whether or not you're a parent who's strict or lenient with screentime, there's no denying the practicality and usefulness of these age appropriate apps for kids. Whether aiding in their development, or edifying them through a kid-friendly interface, parents will want to take note of these great apps!

6 Best Apps for Babies, Toddlers, and Developing Youngsters

Take a look at the list and be sure to check out these awesome apps for babies, toddlers ,and developing young children!

1. Sprout

Sprout is a parenting app that addresses three very important stages of parenthood. Through three individual apps--Fertility & Period Tracker, Pregnancy, Baby--Sprout's award winning services do the hard work, so parents can focus on what's important: being a parent. Recognized and endorsed by prestigious establishments like TIME and Consumer Reports, Sprout is perfect for any parent in the early goings of parenthood. Its manageable and useful tools, functionality and content with clean, attractive design is perfect for techy and not so techy parents alike.

The most unique function of Sprout's baby app is the ability to time and record each and every little detail (e.g. feeding times, naptimes, etc.). It also allows you to record key moments, with pictures, and then download a full PDF of their first milestones.

Price: Free
Available on: Google Play and Apple Store


2. ABC Kids - Tracing & Phonics

Aimed towards toddlers and developing young minds, this fun, free, and engaging app is perfect for cultivating reading skills at an early age. Ideally for preschoolers and kindergartners, this interactive learning application will teach kids the basics of the alphabet and phonics. Further more, the tracing functionality makes the app more responsive, while simultaneously improving your kids' handwriting without them ever batting an eye. The colorful application is sure to being endless hours of fun to your children and will also foster important skills that they'll soon be utilizing on a daily basis.

Price: Free
Available on: Google Play


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