6 creative uses for bread clips

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Got tons of bread clips at home? Before you throw them away, you ought to take a look at this. Read this article for 6 ways you can re-use bread clips.

Bread clips, those little plastic devices used to seal sliced bread bags, have a lot of uses so don’t throw them away!

You can use them as a tape holder.  Do this and you never have to spend more than a second looking for where your tape ends ever again!

You can also use it as a book mark.

You can clip it on the side of your book just right by the last paragraph you read.  This makes it easier for you to continue exactly where you left off.

You may also use bread clips as a key tag.

These are also great earphones keepers.

Finally, bread clips are great flip flop fixers!

So keep those bread clips and give them an afterlife with any of these tips! Stay OCfied!

 Article originally published on: OCfied.tumblr.com

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