6 Things new parents don't need to splurge on

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Don't fork out the big bucks! Check out these money saving tips for new parents.

Expecting parents, new parents, friends of new parents, even parents of new parents all feel the need to spend excessively on babies. While it's always nice to see your child draped in name brand clothes and being pampered with luxurious accessories, it's important to ask ourselves if this is really necessary.

What's wrong with being frugal? New and expecting parents, I assure you: there's nothing wrong with it at all!

The following six items are things that you needn't excessively spend on...

1. Bottles


It's recommended that your baby only use a bottle for about 12-18 months. After that—nothing. It's on to sippy cups. So why would you need to spend exaggerated amounts on something you'll only use for a year or so? Stick to the basics and buy a less expensive bottle.

2. Baby Toys


Toys are one of the more senseless luxuries on this list. Babies don't usually even have the attention span to play with a toy for more than a minute, so there's really no need to cough up the big bucks.

It's perfectly fine to buy toys for your baby, just don't go overboard!


3. Baby Clothes


If only your baby could wear their clothes as long as I've had my trusty sweatpants...what a shame. Unfortunately, babies sprout up quickly and as result they need a new wardrobe every step of their development.

It's nice to dress our babies in expensive clothing (sometimes it's adorable), but is there any shame in using hand-me-downs or lesser brand clothing? Not at all! You'll have to discard their baby clothes soon anyway.

Instead of buying your baby multiple onesies and t-shirts, save that well earned money and buy yourself some name brand clothing instead.

4. Baby Accessories

Things new parents don't need to splurge on

Just like their clothes and bottles, baby accessories will be phased out in the blink of an eye. Things like pacifiers, bibs, and baby bouncers are only used for a brief period of a baby's development. Be thrifty and buy cheaper products. You'll get more bang for your buck!

5. Crib


Unless you plan to buy your baby an MTV Crib, the need to spend in excess just isn't there. Make an economical decision and purchase a safe, but inexpensive crib. Your baby still needs suitable sleeping chambers but you can find reliable cribs at a lesser value.

6. Changing Station

changing table

It's fair to assume that you won't be needing a changing station for very long. It's definitely a wise decision to have a changing station but understand how little you'll use it after a certain age.


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