6 ways mom and son can strengthen their relationship

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If you're a mom who can't figure out how you can get closer to your little boy, then you may want to try these mom and son bonding tips. Read this now.

bond between a mother and son

According to Kate Stone Lombardi, author of The Mama’s Boy Myth: Why Keeping Our Sons Close Makes Them Stronger, if your son has a close relationship with you, he’s most likely perform better in school. He’ll also be more prone to enjoying better mental health and to becoming successful in both his personal and work life.

Moms of boys might find it difficult to make a connection with their sons whose interests are a stark contrast to their feminine preferences. However, there are several ways that allow you to get around this challenge and to forge a strong bond with your charming little boy.

bond between a mother and son

Play Rough and Tough

If there’s one thing that strikes you about boys, it has to be that they are often rough and are mischievous balls of energy! That is simply how most boys are wired. Yet, there is something loveable about them when they give you a cheeky smile on those grimy faces.

To easily connect with them, you have to rough it out with them – play the action games that they play, join them in kicking a football around or pretend-play a scene out of the Superman movie.

Do not be afraid to show a few of your karate moves, regardless of whether you have official training or not! When you hear your boy snicker (boys don’t giggle like us!) or see his eyes widen with admiration, you know that you have made an instant connection.

bond between a mother and son

Speak your boy’s lingo

Like most mothers, you probably find yourself nodding as your son chatters about his favorite Ninjago character or about how Ben 10 fights the giant squid-like Vilgax . However, if you do this on a regular basis and supplement it with more dismissive behavior, your son may clam up thus you losing an opportunity to make a connection with him.

So what do you do? Put your preferences and judgements aside and show a little more enthusiasm in your son’s interests. If you have to Google to learn about it, do so. The little effort that you put into getting to know his interests is nothing compared to the benefits of having something the two of you can bond over.

What else can you do to get closer to your son? Read on.

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