8 Things I wish I'd known before breastfeeding

8 Things I wish I'd known before breastfeeding

“No mother should feel guilty for how she feeds her baby, unless she’s feeding her baby mocha frappuccinos and mai tais.”

For new mothers, breastfeeding could be a daunting undertaking. It’s a rollercoaster ride of emotions, and not everyone will know how to process them.

For mom Glynis Ratcliffe, what got her through this phase is the support her friends gave her, as well as the tips they imparted.

In her Romper article, Glynis shared the eight things she wished she had known before embarking on her journey in the hope that other moms could find a comforting friend in her story.

1. Don’t panic if your breasts feel empty

“I can’t even tell you all the times I panicked about this very thing. But if your baby is producing the right amount of wet diapers and still gaining weight consistently, you’re doing just fine.”

2. The amount of milk your pump produces is not the amount your baby is receiving

“I have heard of mothers measuring how much milk their babies are getting by pumping to see what comes out, but guess what? The suction on one of those contraptions is nowhere near as effective as what your baby can accomplish.”

3. Being unable to nurse doesn’t make you a bad mom

“No mother should feel guilty for how she feeds her baby, unless she’s feeding her baby mocha frappuccinos and mai tais.”

4. You are not a failure if your baby has trouble latching

“It was a lactation consultant who told me this, after days of tears (mine and my daughter’s), due to her inability to latch. Turns out I was doing this basic thing just fine, but my daughter wasn’t very good at latching yet.”

5. It’s still considered breastfeeding if your baby is drinking breastmilk from a bottle

“It was a different lactation consultant who told me this, when my second baby was about 5 months old and I was experiencing excruciating pain when he fed. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to keep going, and she assured me that, although my baby might not be attached directly to me, this didn’t mean I wasn’t breastfeeding.”

6. A lactation consultant should be able to help you achieve your breastfeeding goals in a non-judgemental way

“The job of a lactation consultant is to help you meet your goals — not theirs. So if the person you’re seeing is coming across as judgy, either call them on it, or find someone else, because they’re not all like that.”

7. Not all breastfeeding session is worth a pictorial

“It can be awkward and annoying, and it is often not Instagram-worthy. And that's OK.”

8. You’re not alone experiencing what you’re experiencing now

“You may be thinking that your situation is uniquely painful or depressing, but I would truly be shocked if it was. I’m not saying your situation isn’t painful or depressing, I’m just here to tell you that someone out there is going through it as well.”

Photo credit: Harald Groven

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