A Unique Approach to Scaring Kids Out of Teen Pregnancy

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Leicester Public Health officials create a video to prevent teen pregnancies in their city.

src=http://ph.theasianparent.com/wp content/uploads/2009/11/shutterstock 71866834.jpg A Unique Approach to Scaring Kids Out of Teen Pregnancy

Statistics show that the number of Singapore teens engaged in casual sex continues to increase daily. The Children's Society in Singapore believes that the media has a big role in shaping the way teenagers view sex as it tries to convey the message that casual sex is cool.  As a result, kids are now more open to their sexuality causing them to experiment with it casually.

If you think that some organizations are using extreme methods to prevent teens from engaging in casual sex, then try to see what Public Health officials in Leicester, England are doing to prevent a high incidence of teenage pregnancies in their city.

They have produced a video that hopes to show how scary a teenage pregnancy could be. What is interesting is that the idea for the video came from some of the teens in their city! These teenagers believe that something funny or shocking might prove to be more effective than what is usually done in schools.

As you watch the video, you will see that it is not the usual "preachy stuff" that kids get from sex education classes in schools. Watch it and try to see if it would work with Singapore teens.

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