Abused 2-year-old in Surigao del Sur recovering from injuries

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Jaysam O. Alcantara, 2-years-old, was found in a field, bloody, bruised, and allegedly left for dead.

We initially reported that last October, 2-year-old Jaysam O. Alcantara was allegedly abducted in his hometown of Mangagoy in Bislig, Surigao del Sur. He was later found severely injured and taken to a hospital.

He needed eight stitches from his mouth up to inside his nose to repair his face.

New details come to light

In an interview with Rosanna Olayvee, Jaysam’s aunt, we found out that the abduction happened last October 17 in the afternoon.

Feliciana Olayvar, Jaysam's mother, asked Pascual Alcantara, his father, to look after Jaysam and his other siblings at around 4:00 pm while she took a bath.

Jaysam allegedly wanted food and while his father prepared a snack for the child, he noticed that Jaysam was no longer with them in the room or in the house at all.

The father rushed out to find his son, asking the neighbours and passersby if they had seen his child.

Crawling in a field

Later in the evening, at around seven, Pascual returned and was notified that Jaysam was found.

The little boy was reportedly found in a grassy field not far from their own house. A woman had supposedly heard his cries and found Jaysam crawling in the dirt, his face full of wounds and bruises.

Rosanna believed that the child was left for dead in that grassy field.

Pascual was able to recover Jaysam from the woman’s house and take the boy to the hospital.

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The Police and DSWD's response

Three days after the incident, a representative from DSWD reportedly arrived at the Alcantara household to check on the child. The representative allegedly advised Pascual to have the incident recorded in the police blotter.

So, Pascual went to the Mangagoy police station but was reportedly turned away.

The police supposedly said they could not record this incident if Pascual was unable to identify a suspect. He had no idea about who would do this to Jaysam.

They reportedly told him to come back the next day with a medical certificate for his child.

Pascual allegedy begged the police to listen to his complaint and to look at his son.

According to Rosanna, who was not present at the filing, the police reportedly asked the former to stop talking and would not go to see the child.

In anger, Rosanna posted this status message on her Facebook page, which she said prompted the DSWD representative to return and the police to visit Jaysam.

According to Rosanna, authorities will cover the cost of Jaysam’s CT Scan.

Jaysam has partially recovered, and can speak with difficulty. When asked about the incident, he reportedly told his mother, “Mama, hanap tao, kutsilyo.”

Grateful for help

Rosanna said that she is extremely grateful for everyone who shared her Facebook post and donated to help Jaysam.

She said, "Aking taos pusong pasasalamat sa kanila na kundi dahil sa kanilang suporta sa pamangkin ko po wala rin mangyayari sa ginawa ko."

If you wish to reach out to Jaysam and his family, please contact Ms. Rosanna Olayvee through her Facebook page here.

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