Adoptive mom backed out upon seeing this baby; biological mom forms beautiful bond

"I realized she is meant to be mine," said the biological mother

Christine Fisher, a Florida mother, like many moms out there, was faced with a difficult choice months ago. Should she keep her child, or opt for adoption in order to provide the baby with a good home and loving family that is more capable of providing both at the time? Ultimately, the mother decided on the latter.

Since the day that her daughter, Abigail, was born, the adoption was set up and set in stone. However, the day Abigail's adoptive mom laid eyes on her, she backed out and never spoke to Fisher again.


adoption story 3 Source: Oksana Peery


Fisher explains on her GoFundMe page that the second the adoptive mother saw Abigail, she was "crying saying how deformed she is."

"That is when I realized she is meant to be mine," Fisher wrote on her page. Christina admits she "was not fully prepared" to take care of Abigail because of the impending adoption; however, now she "can no longer see [her] life without either one of [her] daughters."

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Abigail was born with a rare condition known as Treacher Collins Syndrome. The condition, which affects roughly 1 in every 50,000 people, does not typically get detected on an amniocentesis test or ultrasounds. Which is why Fisher nor the adoptive mother were aware of Abigail's state.


Source: Oksana Perry Source: Oksana Peery


According to the Genetics Home Reference, Treacher Collins syndrome affects the development of a person's bones and facial tissue. Some people born with Treacher Collins suffer from hearing and vision loss due to the underdevelopment of the ear canal and eye abnormalities.

Abigail, now around 5-months-old, has been openly accepted back into the arms of her biological mother. Fisher is more than glad to have her daughter back in her life. So proud, in fact, that she hired photographer Oksana Peery to capture their loving nature in a beautiful collection of photos!


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Source: Oksana Peery Source: Oksana Peery


Source: Oksana Peery Source: Oksana Peery


Source: Oksana Peery Source: Oksana Peery


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