Adorable new Instagram trend: Baby butts covered with peaches

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The newest Instagram trend is here, courtesy of Japan, and it's absolutely "peachy"!

Japanese parents/Instagram users have a well-known history of creating some pretty hysterical internet trends. For example, the trend from earlier this year in which parents photographed their chubby babies’ arms next to rolls of bread as an adorable (and delicious) comparison.

While that trend was hilariously cute in its own right, the newest trend is a little more…sweet than its predecessor. The newest trend involves photographing babies’ bottoms, however, instead of seeing their tiny baby booty…parents are holding up peaches. It sounds strange, but it’s absolutely hysterical and a new level of adorable!

This peachy trend started when Japanese photo company, Kodomono, hosted a photo contest. Somehow…this new trend emerged–but, hey–we aren’t complaining!

Check out some of our favorites from the  桃尻 (“peach”) hashtag and let us know what you think of the adorable new trend!


A photo posted by @165_nonnon on

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