Aiko Melendez thanks Google for helping her lose 52 pounds!

Aiko Melendez thanks Google for helping her lose 52 pounds!

The actress and mom-of-two credits the popular search engine for making her impressive weight loss journey possible! Find out how it helped her, here!

For Aiko Melendez, life didn’t just begin at 40, it got even better. Her battle with weight loss is no secret, that’s why when she posted a stunning photo of herself confidently wearing a bikini on her 40th birthday, she inspired her fellow moms to get fit.

She credits a proper diet, exercising at the gym several times a week and, she admits, some cosmetic enhancements for the transformation–which was refreshingly honest, making her weight loss story even more inspiring.

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photos: google and Aiko Melendez instagram

But, there’s one thing she did right in the comfort of her own home which motivated her even more.

“I have to thank Google because every time I google my picture before, I used to be so fat,” she told PEP in a recent interview. “I didn’t even recognize myself. Is that really me?”

But she didn’t stop there; she put a photo of herself at her heaviest up on her room’s wall.

“Siyempre, you wouldn’t want to come back sa weight na ‘yon,” confided Aiko, adding that she weighed as much as 210 pounds.

“It’s never too late to take care of your body.”

Wanting a slimmer figure had always been on her mind, having spent “half of her life” on the heavy side.

The fitspiration mom knows she’s inspiring many with her commitment to losing weight, the healthy way.

“In my Instagram, I’ve been getting so many messages from ordinary women asking me, ‘How did I do it?’ I said, ‘I had a goal, determination, and then I watch what I eat.’” she explained, sharing that reading these comments make her happy and inspired to keep at it.

Aiko Melendez thanks Google for helping her lose 52 pounds!

photo: Aiko Melendez Instagram

“When you achieve a certain weight and you start to get comments, that’s when you get inspired,” she marveled. “Parang, ‘Wow, I shouldn’t stop here. I should do more.’”

What’s next for Aiko? The actress wants to add writing books to her repertoire, hoping to inspire even more people, specifically those who are bullied for their weight.

“I hope one day, when I have the time, I hope to write a book about how I lost weight and be able to inspire people. Lalo na sa mga people na naba-bash din, nabu-bully because of their weight. One day, I’ll get to inspire in my own little way. It’s never too late to take care of your body.”

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