The touching story of Allen and his heart coin banks

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Facing a life-threatening condition, Allen and his family show extraordinary courage and placed all their hopes on these special heart coin banks.

Allen might seem just like any other child his age. But the reality is Allen was diagnosed with a life-threatening heart condition that needs an expensive operation to be fixed. That's why Allen's dad, Ed, started to make and sell heart coin banks to help fund Allen's operation.

Allen's heart coin banks can save his life

Allen was diagnosed with a condition called Tetralogy of Fallot, or TOF. TOF is a heart complication that basically means Allen has a hole in his heart.

His parents, Nadin and Ed, first noticed Allen's condition when he was only four months old. They noticed him turning blue, so they took him to a doctor to find out what could be wrong.

They then found out that he had TOF, and that they need one million pesos so that Allen can undergo the operation to fix the hole in his heart.

As Allen grew up, he started having a hard time keeping up with his friends, as he quickly gets tired, and he's often out of breath. Allen is also pale compared to other kids his age, which is also a result of his TOF.

There was also a time that Allen was frequently in the hospital because of his condition.

In an effort to earn money for Allen's operation, his father, Ed, decided to revive their old family business, which was making coin banks.

The family decided to make heart coin banks

heart coin banks

Allen's entire family is now helping to make coin banks that they're selling for 250 pesos each.

The coin banks will help towards earning enough money not just for Allen's operation, but also for medicine and other expenses that he will need in order to help fix his heart.

As a result of social media, Allen's family has sold over 500 coin banks, and have earned more than 100,000 pesos. However, it's still far from their goal of 1 million pesos.

That's why Allen's dad is working hard every day in order to make more coin banks.

Allen has already undergone a preliminary operation last year, which helped enlarge the arteries in his heart. This would also prepare him for the upcoming major operation to finally fix his condition.

So far, Allen's family has spent over 800,000 pesos, which is separate from the 1 million they need for his operation.

His doctors are planning to have the operation in October of this year, wherein they would hopefully close the hole in Allen's heart.

Those who wish to help Allen and his family can send donations to the following bank account:

Eduardo Llanera Jr.

BPI Bank account number: 9229150836

Phone number: 09274456914



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