"I almost lost my daughter on Christmas Day..."

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Every parent's worst nightmare is to lose their child to a stranger. This almost happened to mommy blogger, "Sarj". Read her story on the theAsianparent.com

Last Dec. 29, 2014, mommy blogger “Sarj” shared a harrowing account of how she almost lost her child to a stranger on Christmas day. Read her story, as “Sarj” shares her blog entry with theAsianparent.com: 

I have something to confess.. I almost lost my daughter on Christmas day.

On the afternoon of December 25, my husband Reil, Caeli and I went to Landmark in Ayala, Makati to spend the afternoon on a family date.

I also wanted my husband to try Jamaican patties, particularly the cheesy beef flavor because I knew he’d like it as much as I do.

Before we made our way to the food court, we decided to go to the comfort room to freshen up.  I took Caeli with me and walked towards the ladies’ loo.

I stood in front of the huge mirror to tie my hair while looking over Caeli’s reflection playing beside me.

At times I would pull her close to me because the room was filled with people lined up at every cubicle .

I don’t know if it’s a group but around 6 girls or more walked to the door at the same time.

From my right side, Caeli moved her way to my left.

In a split second,  I saw a woman in her mid-40’s wearing a blue and white striped t-shirt and maong pants  holding Caeli on her left hand while walking towards the exit!

Shocked, I instantly exclaimed, “Caeli!” then grabbed her.

The woman just casually said, “Ay, sumasama!” then left immediately.

That’s when I noticed only 3 of us were left inside the room – Caeli, me, and a lady waiting outside a cubicle. She was also surprised by what happened.

Stunned, I lost my presence of mind. Then I realized, the woman was holding Caeli’s hand not the other way around. I know my daughter. She does not just reach out to your hand unless you’re the one to take hers. She must have thought I was the lady who took her left arm.

Taken at the food court while feeding Caeli. About an hour after the incident.

I calmed myself for about a minute then left the comfort room.

After about 2 minutes, my husband came and I told him what happened.  He looked around and asked me if I remember the woman’s face. Unfortunately, all I recall was her striped shirt.

Worry and fright surrounded my heart as thoughts of what could have been if my little girl was successfully taken by that person.

I admit I made a mistake for not reporting the incident. I also didn’t know what to answer when they ask me if I remember the woman’s face.

Also, I did not see any guard at the time I exited the loo. Which is unlikely because there are so many security guards walking around the area.

When we went home, I told Mama and Israel (my brother) about the incident. Israel said,“Yan yung kinatatakutan mo dati, nangyari na.”

I am just thankful that my family was protected from the dangerous elements of this world. My prayer every day for my baby girl is to be guided with thousands of angels to keep her from being harmed.

Let this be a warning to us all, especially when we are in public places. We don’t know, but the devil is just there, lurking and waiting for his prey.


Article reposted with permission from: confessionsofamomma.com

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