Aloe vera benefits: 5 Beauty treatments using "the plant of immortality"

Aloe vera benefits: 5 Beauty treatments using "the plant of immortality"

For centuries, aloe vera has been used for its beauty benefits. Here's why

The Egyptians used to call aloe vera “the plant of immortality” and to Native Americans as the “wand of heaven,” aloe vera has been used for centuries for its healing properties. Here are just some of the health benefits of aloe vera:

1. To treat sunburns.

Sunburn treatment is probably one of the most well-known uses for aloe vera, which acts as a protective layer on the skin and helps replenish its moisture. Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties that helps reduce redness and soothe the skin, as well as plenty of antioxidants and nutritional properties that help the skin heal. To use for sunburn, just apply aloe vera gel directly onto the sunburned area.

aloe vera benefits

Photo: Florene_Presse on Flickr

2. To moisturize.

Because it moisturizes without leaving a greasy feel, aloe vera is perfect for oily and acne-prone complexions. Just peel the outer layer of the aloe leaf to get the gel, then massage into your face.

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3. To prevent signs of aging.

You can’t fight aging, but you can keep premature signs of aging from appearing. Aloe vera’s antioxidants—which include beta carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin E—helps maintain the skin’s natural firmness and keep it hydrated as well.

aloe vera benefits

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

4. To treat acne and other skin inflammations.

The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents in aloe vera helps reduce acne. Aloe vera also contains polysaccharides, which stimulate the growth of new cells, healing acne and preventing scarring. Aside from acne, aloe is also used to treat chronic skin problems like psoriasis and eczema.

5. To lessen the visibility of stretch marks.

The skin’s elasticity has its limits, and when skin stretches too far and too quickly, like in pregnancy or rapid weight gain, this results in stretch marks. Aloe vera’s healing and soothing properties can be used to minimize the appearance of stretch marks, which are nothing but small tears in the layers of skin.

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