VIRAL VIDEOS OF 2015: The amazing kids who rocked Youtube

VIRAL VIDEOS OF 2015: The amazing kids who rocked Youtube

If you need an instant pick-me-up, click any of these videos featuring the cutest babies on Youtube.

Nothing that your mother ever shared and the books you've read could ever prepare you for how "tiring" and "challenging" life as a parent would be.

The sleepless nights, the early "call-times", the never-ending wrestling matches with your tiny tot who's trying to evade your attempts to change his diaper, and the endless bickering among your children. Hours of this can really grind your nerves. But it's all worth it, especially when you see your child give you a cheeky smile, hearing him laugh, or having him gaze at you like you're the most beautiful mom in the world.

You can wait for these moments to catch you, but if waiting is not an option and you're looking for an instant feel-good mood changer, click on any of these viral Youtube videos that went viral in 2015, featuring some of the most adorable babies and toddlers.  Even with slow Internet, we assure you that its worth the time spent buffering.

Here are 12 of our favorite Youtube videos of kids being kids.

Read Between the Lines

Only mom gets lost in translation when these adorable twins get together.

Stranger Danger

Ye bin, a cute, little Korean toddler, is being taught by her mother to say no to strangers - especially those who may try to entice her with cookies, candies, and icecream, all her favorite things. And her response is too precious.

See Ye-bin as a little lady now here.

Rockin' and Rollin' in their High Chairs

These twins deliver double the dose of laughs as they get wildly excited when Daddy picks up the guitar and starts playing their jam.

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No Laughing Matter

Ripping paper, funny. Finding out it may be daddy's presentation, hilarious!


Little Johanna steals the show with fancy footwork and an inspired performance channeling Aretha Franklin. What's cuter than Johanna? Her proud daddy screaming in the background.

So Happy to Hear You

Get ready with a box of tissue. This little baby had contracted bacterial meningitis at aged 4 months, leaving him deaf. But thanks to his newly fitted cochlear implant, he can now hear. Watch as he finally recognizes his mother's voice.

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The Song of Slumber

Music has the power to move the soul, in this case, it also has the power to awaken babies from the deepest of sleep.

Dreams Do Come True

Lily gets the surprise of her life when she discovers her real gift for her birthday. This is too adorable not to share.

Going Bananas

Some parents try to punk their kids, but this little tyke turns the tables on his mom and day with a surprising response to his Christmas present.

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Heartfelt Rendition

He may be just 4-years-old, but he sings as though he's been through a lifetime of heartache already. Listen to Kai belt out a song from his favorite artist, Bruno Mars.

The Bad Boy of the Dance Floor

Your jaw will drop when you watch 8-year-old Aidan Prince, aka Bah Boy,  bust a groove that will put even Usher to shame.

Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman

Our beloved #kendrasuperstar, the eldest daughter of Cheska and Doug Kramer, tries to convince Daddy that she's old enough to do "adult" things like drink wine. Her emotional outburst is breaking our hearts, and making us laugh, too!

Who did we miss out from the list? Please do tell us!

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