An open letter to the sleep-deprived new parent

Now that your dream of becoming a parent has come true, I know all you're wishing for is to get some sleep.

Dear Sleepy Parent,

First of all, congrats on your new baby! Is being a parent all that you'd hoped it would be?

It's okay to say it's not what you expected.

You may have heard about the sleepless nights filled with crying, feedings, and changings but it's different to experience it first-hand, right?

Don't worry. You're not alone.

All around the world, there are parents walking around battling drowsiness, unstable moods, and irreversible yawning fits.

It's okay to be irritable and annoyed. Don't feel guilty about that.

You're human and so is your baby --- both with needs and emotions that need to be met and soothed (if only you could shut them off for about 8 hours a night) but that's not reality.

There are ways to cope.

Soon, you'll find yourself getting used to the rhythm of irregularity, the predictable unpredictability. Then, you will see that it's all worth it.

Because even though sleep is a thing of the past, you now have someone worth waking up for, for a lifetime.


Your Friend

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