Angelu de Leon hopes to recover from bell's palsy soon

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The actress and mom-of-three is on the road to recovery two months after suffering a Bell's Palsy attack, which causes facial paralysis. Learn more about her progress, here

Two months after suffering a Bell's palsy attack, Angelu de Leon is still hoping to fully recover. The actress and mom-of-three opened up about her current progress on Instagram, updating her nearly 200,000 followers that she has been going through acupuncture sessions as part of her journey to recovery.

"I am still claiming and declaring COMPLETE healing and a restoration of my facial nerves...."

"Bruised cheeks (care of) my korean acupuncturist Dr. Marie Lee. But all good because she had to pop the blood clot inside that was blocking the blood from flowing to my upper lip. It's my left eye and upper lip na lang that shows the bells palsy," shared Angelu. "Thank you for all the prayers. I know God is not yet done. I am still claiming and declaring COMPLETE healing and a restoration of my facial nerves in JESUS' name."

She first broke the news with an Instagram post, writing about her facial paralysis in the caption accompanying a photo of her in a hospital gown.

She also shared how she had to sleep with a patch over her left eye in order to help her lids to properly close. "Something might poke it at ikabulag ko pa. I cannot risk it. May bells palsy na bulag pa," shared Angelu, even managing to laugh despite her difficult condition.

It's great to see that Angelu is on the road to recovery! We wish her a speedy recovery!

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