Anti Bullying Act: Helping Schools Keep Your Child Safe

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Children have the right to be protected against violence and abuse. Read the article to know how you can protect your child with the anti bullying act.

 Anti Bullying Act

What Constitutes Bullying?

Under this Anti Bullying Act, it states that bullying occurs when one or more of the following occur as a result of verbal, physical or even electronic or online actions by one or a group of students:

• A student fears possible physical or emotional harm, or damage to his or her property

• A student views the school as a hostile, unsafe environment

• A student’s rights have been violated

• Disruption of the learning process, and the security and order within the school grounds

It has been made clear that bullying, in this case, goes beyond physical harm such as punching, pushing or kicking. It also includes verbal abuse that causes emotional or psychological turmoil to a child, or wrongly aims to taint another student’s reputation. Cyber-bulling is also addressed by the Anti Bullying Act, and rightly so, as most students these days have access to the internet and mobile devices.


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