5 Arguments that all married couples have, and how to avoid them

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Arguments are inevitable in a marriage, but it's still best to try and avoid them as much as possible!

1. Pointing fingers

It's inevitable that during an argument, you and your spouse point fingers as to whose fault something was.

Pointing fingers is a sign of emotional immaturity, and it means that you and your spouse need to work on your relationship and strengthen your bond so that situations like these won't happen in the future.

2. Being 'unfair' about the chores

Chores are one of the more common arguments that couples have in a marriage. Sometimes couples fight because one of them thinks that they're doing more work than the other person, and the other person's not pulling their weight.

In order to avoid problems like this, make sure to divide the chores accordingly. You can even swap chores every so often so that the both of you do all the chores equally. And make sure to never neglect the chores around the house. After all, those chores are important in maintaining your household.

3. Ignoring the problems in your marriage

Instead of facing their problems head-on, some couples opt to ignore their problems, which can make the problem grow larger until it ends up in a massive fight.

It's important for couples to deal with their issues as soon as possible, and not to wait until a problem becomes an even bigger problem before addressing it.

4. Feeling unloved

During the first few months of marriage, you and your spouse will go through the 'honeymoon phase' where it feels like you're so much in love with each other. But after that, you might find that the romance in your marriage is slowly starting to die down. You can especially see it in older couples, where they're no longer romantic towards each other and it doesn't even seem like they're a couple at all.

To prevent fights because of this, couples should always make an effort to keep the romance in their relationship alive. You don't always have to make a huge effort, sometimes even little things such as a kiss on the cheek or saying "I love you" can mean more than any grand romantic gesture.

5. Money problems

Money problems are something that almost all couples run into at one point or another. And money is indeed a very complicated matter.

The best way to avoid fighting about money problems it to be honest with each other regarding your spending, and be smart about what you both spend your money on. Remember, once you get married, your priorities will be different from what they were when you were still dating, so you need to change your mindset about where you spend your money. Being smart about your money and saving as much money as you can will go a long way when you finally start a family.

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