Ateneo de Davao professor threatened at gunpoint by parent

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A parent was reported to have threatened an Ateneo de Davao professor at gunpoint over a student's low grades! Read on to learn more.

.""A parent was reported to have allegedly threatened a professor from Ateneo de Davao University at gunpoint because of his child's low grades.

The incident happened inside the Ateneo de Davao campus

According to Judith Dalagan, ADDU Faculty Union president and OIC director of the ADDU Language Center, the incident happened inside the campus, but she did not know all the details.

The confrontation was reported to have happened in the ADDU Jacinto campus.

ADDU professor John Harvey Gamas took to Twitter and broke the news on social media. He deleted the tweet soon after, but made the same post on Facebook, which was also deleted.

ADDU denounced the parent's actions, but they didn't release the names of the people involved. They added that they will be filing a complaint against the parent, who is a public official and a lawyer.

ADDU president Fr Joel Tabora later clarified that no gun was involved. However, it was confirmed that the parent threatened the professor during the incident. ADDU also released their official statement about their stance on bullying.

Witnesses said that the parent had bodyguards, and he was holding a clutch bag that appeared to bear a gun.

The parent was a Comelec official

According to an update, the parent who allegedly threatened the teacher was a Comelec official named Remlani Tambuang.

Tambuang was also quoted as saying, "Hindi ‘nyo ba alam na pamilya kami ng mga lawyer at pamilya din kami ng mga killer?" 

When the guards came, he allegedly said, "Ano problema, bakit maraming guard? Hindi naman ako ganoon ka-kriminal. Hindi 'nyo ba alam na ako ang director ng Comelec? Baka gusto ‘nyo hindi bigyan ng firearms exemption ang DASIA."

DASIA is the security company that works for Ateneo de Davao.

After the incident, Tambuang and his companions left the school.

Why do some parents bully teachers?

It's important to know that bullying isn't something that only happens to children. There are some cases wherein teachers can be bullied by the parents of their students.

Some parents might feel that if their child is not doing well in school, then it's the teacher's fault. These days, with all the pressure on academic performance, it's not surprising to see parents get angry whenever their children get low grades.

However, it's still necessary for parents to talk to their children and try to see if their child has problems in school that might not be related to their teacher. Sometimes, a child's low grades can be due to bullying, depression, or anxiety.

The best thing for parents to do would be to work with their child's teacher. Teacher can often provide some insight as to why a child isn't doing well in school. Parents should strive to maintain a good relationship with educators so that they can exchange information and help each other out.

At the end of the day, teachers are a child's second parents. Parents should  trust and work together with  teachers so that their kids can perform better in school, and be more successful in life later on.


Source: Rappler

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