3 Incidents of attempted kidnapping reported in Laguna

3 Incidents of attempted kidnapping reported in Laguna

The 3 incidents of attempted kidnapping all occurred within a month in Laguna, and has made parents worry even more about their children's safety.

A 13-year-old girl reported that she was abducted by a black van near the San Francisco bridge in Biñan, Laguna last January 19. Two other cases of attempted kidnapping were also reported in the area.

She escaped the attempted kidnapping

According to "Anna," she was walking along the bridge when she noticed that a black van was following her. A man holding a knife suddenly came out from the van, and grabbed her. She held on tight to the bridge's railing and even bit the man's arm, but the man was able to take her and drag her inside the van.

She was shocked to see that there were five other children inside the van. She added that four of them were female, and one girl allegedly had been decapitated. The three other girls had slashes all over their bodies. She added that there was also a very young boy.

Anna eventually escaped when she opened the door and jumped out of the moving van. She fell to the side of the highway and lost consciousness soon after.

There were other incidents of attempted kidnapping

Another incident of attempted kidnapping happened last January 18, and it happened right in front of a school. A 10-year-old  named "Jane" said that a man was trying to force her inside a van.

She said that she noticed a man glancing at her, and when she came closer to the man, he suddenly grabbed her and said that he was going to take her home.

Last January 15, a 15-year-old named "Ella" was stopped by a man as she was going to school. She said that the man had a large physique and was hairy. Thankfully, someone saw that Ella was being kidnapped and the suspect gave up.

Because of these attempted kidnappings, parents in the area are now concerned for their children's safety.

Barangay officials believe that a large syndicate might be behind the kidnappings. They think that the kidnappers might be abducting the children in order to sell their internal organs on the black market.

CCTV cameras were installed in various locations in the area in order to help monitor any illicit activity. The barangay is now coordinating with the police in order to conduct a more thorough investigation.

Source: gmanetwork.com

Photos screen capped from: gmanetwork.com

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