Avoid firework injuries and keep your family safe on New Year’s Eve  

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Read our tips to ensure a fun but safe New Year's celebration for your family. Plus, find out what other moms do during their firecracker-free New Year's Eve.

Firework injuries

Most of us welcome the New Year with a bang… but do we go about it safely?

Firework injuries are not uncommon during year-end festivities. In fact, hundreds of families in the Philippines usher in the New Year on a sad note as a result of these firework injuries.

Contrary to what fireworks are believed to do, i.e. drive away evil spirits and bring in good luck, they may bring pain and grief instead — when they result in people getting hurt or maimed.

The thing is, such firework injuries can be avoided, simply by exercising extra caution.

Here are simple reminders that can help keep you and your family safe and injury-free on New Year’s Eve:

If you must, choose your fireworks wisely

  • Invest in expertly crafted “branded” fireworks available in stores. Although these are pricier than the cheaper firecrackers that are sold off the side of the road, they are much safer to use. Thus, you may want to consider investing in them, putting safety first over savings.
  • Make sure to stay away from firecrackers that have been banned or prohibited. Two examples are the Atomic Big Triangulo and Super Lolo, which were banned because their explosive capacity is so strong that using them increases your chances of getting firework injuries.
Firework injuries

Safety first! Exercise caution when celebrating with fireworks.

Handle with care

A fun light show for your kids can easily turn into a freak show if things go wrong. Make sure to be responsible and exercise caution at all times.

  • Place your firecrackers far away from your home and family to prevent accidents and firework injuries.
  • Light your fireworks one at a time from a safe position, keeping your hands and face a good distance away.
  • Never point firecrackers/fireworks towards people, pets or properties.
  • Do not attempt to re-ignite firecrackers. Even if they don’t go off the first time, you must never try to re-light them as the explosive material inside could already have been activated. This means that it may explode at any time, possibly even in your hand.
  • Dispose of used firecrackers properly by soaking them in water before throwing them away. This prevents them from catching fire and exploding at cleanup time.

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