Avoid posting these 6 things on social media

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It might be fun to share your experiences, photos, and thoughts online, but you need to be very careful when it comes to the types of information you share.

Social media is an extremely powerful medium. It lets us share our thoughts to the world, and get connected with other people. However, this power can also be used by criminals for their illegal activities. Knowing what to post and what not to post can ensure that you and your family are safe when it comes to these things.

1. Your home and work address

Posting personal information such as your work or home address can potentially be used by nefarious individuals to track down your address. So it's best to keep that information private.

2. Photos of your kids

Whenever posting photos of your children on social media, be very careful of which photos you choose to upload. Photos showing their current location, or their school can be very risky as it can be used by anyone who sees the photos to track down your kids.

3. Information about your vacation

Vacations are fun, and they're fun to share. But make sure not to share all the details of your vacation online. This information can be used by robbers to take advantage of your absence and break into your home.

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4. Answers to online security questions

This one's pretty straightforward. You should not post anything relating to any secure information such as passwords, security questions and answers or even lock combinations online. All of these things should be kept private and if possible, don't write them down.

5. Private photos

Of course, you shouldn't ever post any compromising photos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any social networking site for that matter. Additionally, you should never send any compromising photos through any messaging app. Those photos should be kept private for a reason and should never be posted online.

5. Any credit card or financial information

Again, this is pretty straightforward. Though, some people have actually posted photos of their credit cards online with all the information for all to see. Instances of this has led to identity theft or people using their credit card information to make illicit purchases. Be also very careful when it comes to online purchases, as some hackers create fake sites just to "phish" credit card information from people.

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