Avoid raising a “little jerk” with this expert’s advice

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Dr. Deborah Gilboa is here to teach parents how NOT to raise a generation of "little jerks"! Learn more here

Back in March, Dr. Deborah Gilboa, child development expert and pediatrician, hosted a Tedx talk at Carnegie Mellon University. The talk, named “The Expectation Gap”, was meant to address raising kids to be well-mannered and goodnatured. In Gilboa’s words, she wants to avoid an entire generation of kids that are “little jerks”.

(Source: YourTeenMag) Dr. Deborah Gilboa

(Source: YourTeenMag) Dr. Deborah Gilboa

So how do we avoid raising an entire generation of “little jerks”? Gilboa thoroughly explains in her talk…

“What do household chores tell us about where society is headed? Chores are the canary in the coal mine of kids’ character,” Gilboa states as she begins her Tedx talk. Apparently, household chores say quite a lot. In her findings, Dr. Gilboa found that shockingly a low number of parents still assign household duties to their children. She claims that in talking with 1500 wealthy Silicon Valley parents, only four families assigned chores.

What’s causing this low rate of laborious household duties? Believe it or not: expectations of parents.

Parents tend to set expectations for their children’s academics and extracurriculars. So much rides on the success of academics and extracurriculars that they don’t task children with household chores and duties. Essentially, their children are too preoccupied with studying, sports, and clubs to do chores. Gilboa believes that chores and laborious tasks at home help build character and parents are robbing their children of the chance to complete them.

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