12 Awesome celebrity kids who inherited their parents' good looks and talent

12 Awesome celebrity kids who inherited their parents' good looks and talent

Though they may be growing up under the radar, it's only a matter of time before these talented youngsters will be making names for themselves, whether inside or outside of showbiz!

They may be growing up away from the spotlight, but with their good looks and talent, it’s natural for their parents’ fans to wish that they would enter showbiz as well.

We rounded up the celebrity kids who we think will do well in the entertainment industry one day, should they choose that path.

But whatever they decide, we’re certain that their amazing celebrity parents will lovingly support them every step of the way!

Paolo Ballesteros’ daughter, Keira

This little cutie wants to be an actress someday.

Maybe she’ll make an appearance on Eat Bulaga’s Kalyeserye someday soon!


A photo posted by Paolo Ballesteros (@pochoy_29) on

Ina Raymundo’s daughter Anika

The Fil-Canadian cutie earned the nickname ‘Anika Manika’ when she accompanied her mom Ina Raymundo on the Ryzza Mae show. 

Ina Raymundo proudly shares Anika’s photos and videos of her singing on her Instagram. 


A photo posted by Ina Raymundo (@inaraymundo95) on

Jennylyn Mercado and Patrick Garcia’s son, Jazz

The spitting image of his father, Patrick Garcia, Jazz could easily become the next matinee idol.

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A photo posted by Jennylyn Mercado (@mercadojenny) on

Read on to see more celebrity kids who we think have star potential!

Ina Raymundo’s youngest daughter, Minka

This little ball of energy is cuteness in human form. We could totally see her doing commercials with the rest of her adorable siblings!

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A photo posted by Ina Raymundo (@inaraymundo95) on

Patricia Javier’s son, Rob 

This little charmer is only 12 years old but he already has over 220,000 followers on Instagram!

The son of actress Patricia Javier with Dr. Rob Walcher III, Rob IV enjoys the beach and going to the gym. Way to start ’em young!

rob walcher IV

Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres-Gomez’ daughter, Juliana 

The unica hija of actor Richard Gomez and Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez, grew up slightly away from the spotlight but the public has watched her bloom into a graceful young lady who’s ready to take on the world.

At 15, Juliana has been an endorser for a top brand; she’s also shown a keen interest in sports, fashion, drawing, and photography.

She does want to be in showbiz one day but she she dreams of working behind the scenes as a director.


A photo posted by Juliana Gomez (@gomezjuliana) on

More talented celebrity kids on the next page!

Karla Estrada’s daughter, Magui

The daughter of Karla Estrada with Mike Planas and baby sister of Teen heartthrob Daniel Padilla, 13-year-old Margaret Fiona Planas loves singing and playing volleyball. 

photo: twitter

photo: twitter

Lotlot de Leon and Christopher Gutierrez’ daughter, Maxine

Mom Lotlot de Leon describes her youngest daughter, 14-year-old Maxine as a sensitive, caring, thoughtful, and, funny young lady.

She also lovingly jokes that her bunso is a ‘drama queen’.

We won’t be surprised if she follows in the footsteps of her ate Janine one day!

photo: twitter

photo: twitter

Geneva Cruz and Paco Arespacochaga’s son, Heaven

We had to blink a couple of times when we saw a photo of Paco and Geneva’s son, Heaven. Because it’s like we were looking at a picture of Paco in the 90s.

The 19-year-old really takes after his dad, who is an excellent musician and drummer. 

Despite his musical prowess, he has chosen a different path. He is currently a Nursing student who is also into playing football and basketball. 

But, who knows, maybe he will be making his mark on the music scene one day!

Our list doesn’t end here. Keep reading on to the next page!

Sharon Cuneta and Kiko Pangilinan’s daughter, Frankie

This striking 15-year-old is a smart and poised young lady.

Much like her mom, she is greatly adept at music. She is not only a good singer but she also plays four instruments: the violin, piano, guitar, and drums.

She has also been described by her family as a ‘great writer’.


Maricel Laxa and Anthony Pangilinan’s daughter, Hannah

Next on our list is Frankie’s cousin, Hannah. The 16-year-old stunner is the third daughter of Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan and Anthony Pangilinan.

Aside from being a champion gymnast, she has done some modeling gigs and TV guestings. But so far, she has not shown interest in entering showbiz.


A photo posted by Hannah (@hannahpangilinan) on

Maricel Laxa and Anthony Pangilinan’s son, Donny

Hannah’s older brother Donny Pangilinan, 17, is described as introverted and creative.
He loves basketball and surfing.
He has gained a loyal following on Instagram due to his boy next door good looks.
Maybe he’ll come out of his shell and pursue acting like his mom, who knows!

A photo posted by Dons (@donny_pangilinan) on

Continue reading to find out who the rest of the awesome celebrity kids on this list are!

Ali Padilla

The son of Robin Padilla with Liezl Sicangco, Ali is based in Australia.

But whenever he’s back home in the Philippines, the 15-year-old aspiring actor makes TV appearances. He says he wants to follow in his father’s footsteps.


A photo posted by Hi Puddin’ (@kylienicolepadilla) on

Michelle Van Eimeren and Ogie Alcasid’s daughter Leila

The 15-year-old stunner is based in Australia but fans of OPM legend Ogie Alcasid and former beauty queen Michelle Van Eimeren are hoping she pursues a career in showbiz soon. 


A photo posted by Leila Alcasid (@leilalcasid) on

Angelina Isabele Cruz Montano

This 14-year-old beauty is the eldest daughter of Sunshine Cruz and Cesar Montano. Her mom has referred to her as the “future Miss Philippines”.

We can’t wait to see great things from her!

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