Baby development: Your 1-month-old

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The first year of a newborn's life is one of the fastest in human development; it’s no wonder that when you have a baby, you often hear people say ‘they grow so quickly!’ or ‘time goes so fast!’ The best thing you can do is enjoy and marvel at your baby's month-by-month development.

Physical Development

When a baby is born, he already has some amazing abilities though he has a long way to go in terms of baby development.

A newborn without complications has the instincts to breathe, tightly hold fingers, and can even smell his own mother and know her from any other person.

Incredibly, some babies even suck their thumbs when still in the womb!

Despite the fact that a baby is born with all of these incredible skills, for the first month of your baby’s life it can seem that all he does is lots of eating, sleeping, crying, and require frequent nappy changes.

At this age, babies have very little control of their muscles and instead rely mainly on reflex actions, such as sucking, yawning, sneezing and crying.

As a baby progresses through his first month of life, he begins to discover that he has control of his body.

Discovering his hands is a big moment. It gets even more exciting when your baby realizes he can use his hand, to squeeze things like your finger, or to suck on for comfort or when he is hungry!

Read on to learn more about baby development during the first month. Next up is your baby's sensory development

Baby Development